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OT: Small LED Light Tip

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  • OT: Small LED Light Tip

    I know there is a lot of interest in LED lighting here. I already have 39 LED tubes in the fluorescent fixtures in my house and shop and we are delighted with them and the excellent light and savings they produce. But I have several of those 18", under-cabinet lights in my kitchen, laundry room, office, and shop. We find them very handy for immediate lighting. Since I purchased them over a period of years, some are LED models, but most of them are fluorescents.

    I needed a replacement bulb for one of them and looked at WalMart. I was delighted to find that they had T8, 18 inch LED tube bulbs that are direct replacements for the older fluorescents. And they consume only 7 Watts, less than half the 15 Watts of the original fluorescents. And you do not have to remove the ballasts.

    So, instead of buying a new, LED fixture, I just changed the bulb. The new LED bulb provides at least as much light as the old fluorescent and for half the power consumption. The price was only $1 more than the 18" fluorescent tubes.

    Just a small tip, but it worked great. And the new bulb should last as long as I do. I will be replacing all my remaining 18" fluorescent tubes with LEDs as they burn out.
    Paul A.

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