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Lathe Turnings Or Cable Armour ??

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  • Lathe Turnings Or Cable Armour ??

    Found this stuff at the scrap yard years ago. It looked interesting and I was always doing projects in stainless so I grabbed what I could that was in good shape.
    I always assumed that it was turnings from some local factory or machine shop.

    This stuff is about 5/8" in dia. Thickness is .018 and the width is .070. I was finding it in lengths of about 4 - 5 ft. It's very consistent as far as spacing and dia.
    Not hardened or tempered in any way, non magnetic stainless, all edges are very smooth. No burs or jags anywhere and that's what throws me about this stuff being a turning. I thought maybe some type of cable armour or something of that nature. It's basically like a long Slinky, but if you over stretch it you'll kink it, very soft.

    I did find one practical use for it.......... I used it to wrap the Tygon return hose on my grinder's hydraulic system. It was a perfect fit for the 3/4" hose and it keeps it from kinking. Thin wall Tygon hose doesn't like a tight bend. The wrap keeps the hose from collapsing around a tight curve. And it looks pretty. Something like what you would see under the hood of a hot rod.

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    Looks almost like a heating element to me, in the just-wound state theyre usually shipped in. Got a multimeter hanging about? Can at least knock off an option


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      No, an electrical heating element is usually tungsten, or nichrome wire or something like that.
      Not soft stainless.



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        If this was a turning wouldn't there be a ragged or sharp edge somewhere along the edges??? I've never seen any turning this smooth.

        It's like flattened stainless wire that was wound.



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          Well, the use that you have put it to is probably exactly what it was originally intended for.