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  • Bearing Identification Help Please

    I would like to find out what these bearings are before I remove them. They are from the elevating screw on my KO Lee S718 grinder.

    Mine has two bearings in a duplex configuration held together by a thin sleeve. maybe .010 pressed through the inner races. Don't know why they used this configuration or these bearings. The bearing ID was too big for the shaft so they sleeved it ?? or was there another reason?? When the two bearings are pressed back to back the outer races don't touch so that tells me that the inner races are slightly extended, at least on the one side? maybe. Knowing what they are would tell.

    The parts list calls it out as S7K2 another parts list calls it out as Y11-1219 qty 2. I guess that's my set up. Can anyone ID these ?

    Two other PN# are listed..... Y11-1251 and Y11-1230 listed as obsolete. I love the way KO did stuff.


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    I have a manual for KO Lee S918 grinder. It also shows two bearings in a duplex configuration and a preload washer between them. The picture is so poor that you cannot see any details, but that may be your answer as to why the outer races do not touch. I guess KO Lee wants these bearings preloaded to improve accuracy.

    Some other grinders I have seen rely on a single bearing for an elevating screw and gravity to keep it loaded all the time.


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      There may be a shim washer in between the two bearings if the inner races aren't extended on the one side.
      My parts diagrams are the same, you can't make out any detail and what's missing you'll never know about.
      They are ball bearings, angular contact?? I won't know unless I get a part number.
      The screw was always loaded in one direction with the weight of the head and motor assembly bearing on it.
      There is no spring washer to set preload on mine. Just a nut under the bevel gear. Slightly snugging the nut sets the preload.

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        I do not have the grinder, only a .pdf manual. The parts list says there are two S7K2 ball bearings, preload washer between them and a wavy spring washer (I guess to keep the preload constant).


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          KO has change design quite a few times. One parts list says S7K2 and the other says Y11-1219.
          The S7 isobsolet, the YF number is still good so says KO parts department. I'd like to know what the bearings are.



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            Is there an issue with them?

            Many/most disassembles will damage the bearing but then at least you can see all the engraving/imprints and measure them. If its not broken, don't break it and if it is broken get it apart and then figure out how to adapt currently available bearings