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    Everything came apart with minimal effort.

    The bearings are all in great shape with minimal wear/play, so I plan to just clean up, lube and leave them, rather than pour new ones.

    My plan is to get after the surface rust with steel wool and mineral spirits

    The drive was converted to vee belt at some point. I’m thinking staying with it and replacing the current, rotting, leather belt with a synthetic. For power, I have one of the popular sewing machine motors (consew) still in a box, bought for another project that didn’t happen.
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      Originally posted by R.Bolte.Jr View Post
      So here’s a close up of the current paint, obviously it was roughly brush painted at some point in history. I’m open to opinions, should I leave it, or strip it and repaint from scratch? I plan to use it, unless someone can convince me it should be admired instead of used?

      Not sure. I think you have a good plan. Looks like the tool has been taken care of

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