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Aloris tool holders dimensions??

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  • Aloris tool holders dimensions??

    Hi all:
    Can anyone point me to a place where I can get the dimensions for the dovetail slot in BXA size tool holders?
    I bought an original Aloris post and now need an assortment of tool holders to match.

    Also, does anyone have any idea what the tolerance would be on the dovetail?


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    I have a BXA post with holders. If you dont get the dims from somewhere, I can take my holder in to the CMM guy and have it poked for size. Just let me know.
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      If you have a toolholder, why do you need dimensions? Just make to fit.
      Jim H.


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        A recent one measures 0.750 between 2 - 0.375 dowels. An older one measures 0.742 between the same dowels ... it has no wear either.

        That's a nice big target to hit. But, like JCH suggested, make it to fit ... with the handle where you want it, unless you're concerned about fitting future toolposts.

        Dorian's on line catalog pages give most of the other dimensions for BXA holders.


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          To me, this is an excellent question. I was thinking of ask for the same information.

          A comparison of dimensions from the AXA thru DXA is provided at the following web site. You will notice that dimensional data for the dovetail is not included.

          I have an opportunity to purchase several CXA tool holders for less that $10 each. But I need to know if the dovetail dimensions are compatible with my BXA post.
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            CXA toolholders are a larger size than BXA.
            Jim H.


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              Yes, they are too large for your BXA. But they will fit my CXA post, if you care to share the source...
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                Or since you haven't posted your locale if your a Canuck you can PM me direct and screw the yanks..........LOL, not bloody likely if you've found a deal on holders it's certain it's south of the 49th...........
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                  I posted this years ago when I did the whole procedure for making 6 or more Aloris holders at one time.
                  I used a long bar and milled the center for the dove tail (DT) cutter
                  This is an excerp.
                  Put the long bar (1.25 X 3X 12"+)in the mill vise and cut a slot for AXA 1.328 wide by .380 deep (1.375 by .418 for BXA)
                  by the length , in the center of the 3" width.
                  Cut your 60 degree DT on both sides ,( Roughing cut!) and lay the pins in the groove.
                  Measure between them with an adjustable parallel or if not available, a vernier caliper.
                  Keep in mind, that the DT cut must be high enough on the wall of the slot so that
                  the .25 pin hits the DT just above its center and is tangent to the DT
                  The target dimension is 1.006 between .25 pins for AXA and 1.085 for BXA
                  Now if you hit it , HOTDOG!, the pins should also be .128 (.166 BXA) from the flat face,
                  which is the top surface as you mill.
                  This you measure down to the pin with a depth gauge, or vernier caliper.