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Inserts to holders? How to put them to good use.

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  • Inserts to holders? How to put them to good use.

    I have done a lot of auctions and over the years I have gotten few of sets of insets. I am not a in the trade but I am trying to get smarter on inserts. How do I find holders to put these to use or do I just sell it on Ebay, craigslist...

    I know I can braze these on to rod and use them?

    11ea EPGT040102L-W08 NS50 Tungaloy
    diamond 75deg/11deg/.001/hole/?? no "E" in the chart -----Very small

    5ea CPMT181505LF Caterpillar INC

    10ea EPEX08M301FR DWF4 ATI
    diamond 75deg/11deg/.001"/hole/?? no "E" in the chart

    20ea TNG-221 HT10 Hertel CARB turning Ins
    Triangle/0deg/.001"/ No hole

    10ea ZDGT200512R-K85 WK10 Walter Valente
    Cylindrical/15deg/.001"/yes/???? Very large

    20ea PG3M100RC R321 RTW POWRNOTCH
    Grooving Insert

    I have others, but as I stated, I would like to put these to use and get smarter on inserts.


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    Most or all of them are bit of oddballs with no cheap holders available so you need to think twice if you buy expensive holder to use 5pcs of kinda mystery inserts with difficult availability in future.

    EPGT040102L-W08 is probably insert for small boring bars and might be worthwhile to pursue holder for if you work with small diameter holes.

    TNG-221 would be easy enough to bodge your own lathe insert holder but if it is without chipbreaker I'd use them for DIY brazed tools just like most of the others.
    You could try your luck selling on ebay but it's filled with oddball inserts that nobody seem to have use for. The small boring bar EPGT inserts could be the most wanted of the lot.

    CPMT181505LF is also small boring bar insert.

    CPMT181505LF, EPGT040102L, EPEX08M301FR would work fine in small lathe, nice side projec for mill if you decide to make holders for these.
    DIY OD tools are dead easy, internal boring bars need bit more thinking with the angles to have proper clearance.


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      First, go through and see if the inserts are still being made and sold. This will make finding holders a bit easier. Often those "cheap" inserts are cheap because they are discontinued.

      If they are discontinued and you can't find holders, it is possible to make your own holders without too much difficulty.
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        There are several online buyers of scrap carbide as well.I save all my junk carbide no matter how small.It's heavy and last I sold fetched me $11/lb.

        These days you can buy insert holders that fit common inserts pretty cheap-

        The above accept what are probably the most common and widest range of inserts available.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          They are easy to braze/silver solder onto holders. The TNG type need to tilt down 7 degrees. The tilt is 30 degrees anticlockwise from the axis of right hand tools and 30 degrees clockwise for left hand. The other types with a built in relief angle can sit horizontal on their holders, at any angle you fancy or need for a difficult to reach job. Also, they can be attached to handles to make scrapers. You can sharpen the edges with a diamond lap.


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            Braze them onto what ever and grind them with a diamond wheel as if they were small pieces of HSS. This is what Stephan does on youtube.