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Mill DRO - having extra scale(s) for Z axis

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    Originally posted by aribert View Post
    I chose the caliper that drained the battery the fastest. I loop a piece of masking tape to make it double sided and place the battery on the tape when not needed. I get great battery life, except when I forget to remove the battery.
    I just stick my battery to a small button magnet that adheres to the head. Seems to work well without draining the battery. I have a regular horizontal-read display made for quills but it still drains a battery in a couple of weeks. I also prefer to call mine the "W" axis since I already have a DRO Z-axis.


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      Mr Fixit, I have just got the scale today, it is the 4" one as the quill on the Tom Senior light vertical has only got 2 1/2" movement. The link in my post #9 shows the type, I prefer the scale being the right way round. I am slowly figuring out how it works, it is complicated for a simple thing, and my handle is not "old mart" for nothing.


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        I have to agree with strokersix: zero the dial and call it good.

        My milling machine has a 3 axis DRO. I am a professional machinist that started my in a tool & die shop. I have never seen a non-cnc milling machine with a 3 axis DRO until I bought mine. I see no need for a scale on the knee, though I do see a convenience. I have not installed the scale on my knee yet. Perhaps I will some day simply because I have it.



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          I've got a three axis and quill DRO on the mill I use most at work,I would do it again in a heartbeat.It gives you a wider range of options and for what little DRO can be had for these days,it's really not worth skimping on.If you get into a lot of odd setups it's nice to have extra Arrows in the Quiver so to speak.
          I just need one more tool,just one!