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water soluble oils for cutting lubes,,,,?s

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  • water soluble oils for cutting lubes,,,,?s

    what corrosion hazards are there from using a water soluble oil in a lube system on a lathe?
    Also, do you recommend cutting OIL instead of a water soluble?
    thanks, alan
    alan in ga

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    There are minimal corrosion hazards with soluble oil, as long as it's mixed in a strong enough proportion.10 to 1 ratio should be plenty strong enough. I'd recommend soluble oil over straight cutting oil, as it's a lot better coolant. Just wipe the ways and carriage down after a work session. The biggest problem with any machine coolant is bacteria growing in it. Aerators,and the anti bacterial agents that are available help a lot. Also,if you're getting way oil in the coolant, a wheel type skimmer is also a good idea.

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      Hi Alan;
      I use water soluble oil in three of my machines that run pretty steady. I use ordinary bleach to counteract bacteria, and also aroma. Works for me, and the coolant tank on one of the machines holds ten gallons, and the other two hold about a gallon each. Also ust the same stuff on the lathe and milling machine, gets messy there though. Hope this helps.


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        Shaque, bleach is a bad idea as it changes the PH of the oil. A better method is to use a tramp skimmer and run the pump at least once a week if not every day aereating the sump. The bacteria that cause the problems are anaerobic. if you still have problems, try one of the Bacteriacides offered for this purpose. They're fairly cheap. Here's an article on fluid maintanance:


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