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OT-ish: Stoney Banksy

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  • OT-ish: Stoney Banksy

    It's not machine work, but it is metal work - more importantly, you'll recognize the man as a kindred spirit:

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    that's neat, love listening to the accent too. I'd rather have one of those in my neighbourhood than a Banksy mural, though those have their place too. Wonder what made him reveal his identity? I would have personally preferred to keep it a secret!


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      Thanx. Talented guy.


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        I come from that part of the world, a little further north. It's really great hearing that dialect spoken and it amazes me that kids don't seem to be losing the accent.
        In many of the small fishing villages there always seems to be one or two people who contribute something to improving the environment. In the village I came from there was a talented mason who spent days constructing paths and stairways along a coastal path for no material reward, using whatever stones that were found in the locality.
        West Sussex UK