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Neat old engine to model??

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  • Neat old engine to model??

    A friend of mine just got this late 1920's marine engine.
    I think it would be kind of cool to build a scale version of it. 4 stroke, helical gears to the cam, push rods, overhead valves.

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      that is a cool looking old girl!


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        Originally posted by mattthemuppet View Post
        that is a cool looking old girl!
        She's a Beaut!


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          I'd love to hear a video of it running. I'll bet it's a lot like a similar engine I saw at a boat show.

          The guy had it in a open launch so the engine was sitting on the bearers and during runs got a box put over it to avoid fish landing on the open valving. But he had the box set aside so folks could see it running. It saw there running at around two RPM... OK I may be exaggerating and it was more like 3 RPM At any rate it was easy to hear the little sucking sound on the intake as quite separate from the "BUMP" then CHUFF of the exhaust when it was at idle. And easy to see the paint finger on the flywheel orbiting around.

          Yep, I'll bet it idles something like that..... Similar size too. But I seem to recall that the one I saw was made in Lunenburg.

          In the pass by later in the day he putted by in fine style at around 6 knots with the sort of rapid but distinctly separate popping sound from the engine you'd fully expect from the style of design shown here.
          Chilliwack BC, Canada


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            That is a great looking old engine.

            Back in the '80's I worked at Barber Welding in Weedsport NY and saw the V-twin brother of your Barber engine. They had it on display in the showroom. I don't recall if there was a family connection between the two companys.

            It had been stored outdoors, with plenty of rust and would require a fair amount of work to restore. I don't know if they still have it on display as I left NY 30 years ago. Weedsport is not too far a drive from Skaneateles if you wanted to see it.



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              Build it on the South Bend.

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