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OT: what is the most unusual pet ever.

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  • OT: what is the most unusual pet ever.

    I have heard of people having miniature horses, small donkeys, small deer, beavers, raccoon and even years ago a old woman that fed a alligator in her living room (it didn't live with her, it showed up every day or so and she let it into her house and feed it a roast. Floridians right) that live in their houses. But it gets better.

    How about a pet polar bear!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A couple that Live in British Columbia train animals for movies, TV and commercials have a pet polar bear that they raised from a cub. It is now 23 years old which is 7 years older then they live in the wild. It lives with them, swims with them in the back yard pool, plays with the man IE: wrestles with him and they have a picture of it sleeping with the man, it's paw wrapped around him cuddling. If the bear says its nap time, its nap time. Its paws are as big as someones head. I wonder what they feed it "Purina Polar Bear Chow" 100% seal no fillers.

    Watch this on You Tube
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    That's crazy stuff,,, I know this is not too out there but it's the first one i seen in the area, I was driving back home from somewhere on my same route and was just a couple blocks from home when out of the corner of my eye I see this multi-colored fluorescent looking "thing" in someones driveway, a better glance reveals it's just this lizard looking thing about 18" long and so crazy bright and illuminated I just thought it was a very overdone but cool looking kids toy, so my eye's go back to the road but as they did I could swear that just as they were leaving site of the thing that it blinked,,,

    nahhh - that's just crazy thinking --- but ahh WTF I have to make sure - so I immediately parked the car put my rear window down and just looked back and stared at it ,,, nothing --- but Wow look at that thing,,, that thing is built man they really did a good job, im there about a minute and about ready to leave --- then it blinks again!

    holy crap it's alive,,, go to the house to see if it's theirs and it escaped -- nobody home, go to the neighbors and this guy gets out and I point it out to him - he kinda looks at me like im crazy and then it moved its head --- he was amazed,,,

    did not know where it belonged --- then we both look back and it's gone just like that - it was fast - we could not find a trace of it... hope he got back home cuz it's cold now...


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      You remember the tiger in the Exxon commercials? I had a chance to meet her in 1989. Wow sure is intimidating when she stands on her hind legs, puts her front paws on you shoulders and licks your face with that rough tongue.


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        I had three baby black bears so young that their eyes weren't open yet when I was a kid. I raised them and fed them with a bottle and nipple just like a baby. My dad was working "in the bush" and he cut down a pine that fell and hung up in another dead tree. The dead tree had been there a long time, and the roots had mostly heaved up out of the ground. Dad climbed up on top of the roots and started to cut the dead tree down, when a very angry female bear stuck her head out right between his feet. He killed the bear with his chainsaw, and when they dragged her out with one of the logging horses, she was nursing three brand new cubs. Uncle Charlie Martin picked them all up and put them inside his coat and brought them up to our house. They were fun pets, but they quickly grew to the size of an average dog, and I was being scratched and chewed on just playing with them. One got into the horse barn and eat a bunch of the horses oats, then drank water, and the oats swelled up so bad that it died. The other two bears went to a restaurant on #7 highway at Kaladar, Ontario and lived out long lives in a cage.---Brian
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          lol holy **** your dad is a man. Killed a bear with a chainsaw, sorry for the mama bear but I guess that's about all you can do in that situation.


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            My sister has polar bears come by the house, but they are not pets. they have a bear fence around the house. People leave their cars and trucks unlocked, so you can take refuge from the bears...


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              A rock..........yep a rock. They used to sell them in boxes. You even got to name them and send in the registration. You could pour water on them and a moss like thing would grow on them. They were very quiet and you didn't need to house break them.
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                Probably the most unusual I have been around is big cats. A family not to far from where I grew up had Bengal tigers. At the time they had a huge male that was credit as being one of three in the country that would breed in captivity. A trip to the tiger ranch was a must for visiting relatives. Their primary business was making silver and turquoise jewelry, but the cats were a big deal. At one time they had several tigers, an African male lion, a big black cat of some kind, and a cheetah. Somewhere my mom has a photo of me as a kid near the Cheetah out in the yard on a leash. Later the cheetah became somewhat domesticated and they often gave it the run of the house. One of its favorite games was to hide under the pool table and swat at the legs of unsuspecting guests as they walked by.

                The place was an old dude ranch in the desert near Dateland, Az where the movie stars would stay back in the day when they were shooting westerns. The building itself was interesting with a simple concrete floor, and built completely of old railroad ties. It has a name, but for the life of me I can't recall it at the moment.
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                  Two things I should mention.
                  Al Oeming had a Game Farm near Edmonton. he would let his cheatah run with him and his motorcycle. and you would hear about people who were onnthe highway and got passed by the cat .!... lol..
                  In Osoyoos BC, there was a fellow had buffalo at his spread geside the highway, and I remember seeing them often as I rode by. I met him years later and asked about them. He said the problem was that they are migratory, and I said Yeah ? And then he said well when they want to go, they go, and a normal fence, just won't stop them..


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                    Met a guy a few years back who was engaged to his "pet". They lived the master / slave lifestyle 24x7. She wore a collar and, when in public, she was on a leash. Most of the time she acted like a big affectionate *****cat and he treated her like one. Curled up on his lap and all that stuff. Quite unusual.

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                      I find it difficult to trust anything larger than a house cat, and I would expect the house cat to kill me if it was bigger.


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                        Unusual pets, I used to invite my coworkers to play with my gut bacteria on Monday mornings. Sadly, they refused. However, they left me alone for a while, which was the whole idea in the first place..


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                          Not technically a pet:

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                            ow! Had no idea there are so many wacky folks. But thats cool, to each their own.

                            My 16yo daughter has a hedge hog and my wife and I had a ferret. Thats as off the wall Ill go. JR
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                              I've had two unusual pets.

                              1) After a visit to a less than fully civilized part of the world, I learned I had a pet tape worm. It's GREAT PET. Goes where you go, eats what you eat, helps you slim, hugs you closer you than your mother ever did. However, my mean MD insisted that we kill it.

                              2) A mudskipper.

                              Now you might say "It's just a fish", but it was so much more than that. I bought him while I was living in Sweden. He lived in a large tank next to my desk in my office. I sort of noticed that I was feeding him about the same time every day but I didn't pay any attention to that. Then one day I realized it was that time and I had just heard a noise. Turns out the little bugger would pick up a mouthful of small aquarium rocks and spit them against the glass until he saw me move. In other words... my fished trained me to respond to his cues.

                              It's sort of humbling to realize that you've been trained by a fish.

                              Well, once I realized that this fish had talent I started working with him. I got Skippy to "leap" through a small hoop for some worms (more of a waddle). He learned to go back, go right, go left, and come in response to finger gestures.

                              Then we were going to move to the UK, and since I had to be talking to the UK Embassy in Stockholm for other reasons, I asked if I could take my fish... "Skippy". Once I described what the fish did the guy in the Embassy said "I'll call you back". In fact, the AMBASSADOR called me and we had a pleasant chat. They asked me to send some photos, and a week later I got OFFICIAL UK displaced person ID papers for him along with an official visa !!! His description included such comments as "HAIR: bald PECULIARITIES: numerous"

                              So the fish went with me to the UK, where he became a star. The secretaries talked him up and word got around and eventually even BBC got interested. They had a news crew come out and tape a short about him. So I have been on English TV... in a supporting role to a fish !!!

                              Skippy died while we were in the UK. He is buried in the inner quad of one of the UK's famous places with a little plaque - "Here lies Skippy <lastname> A better companion had no man." So my name may well live on for hundreds of years in that famous place - not for myself... but for my FISH !!! Some wag even managed to get his name slipped into the list of names to be sung in memoriam at one the Church of England's large churchs.
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