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Amazing old school craftsmanship renewing rail junction

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  • Amazing old school craftsmanship renewing rail junction

    Well I found it interesting anyway! It covers a wide range from engineering to installation.
    Not a lot of personal protection equipment getting in the way of the work either


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    I have seen that video before, but I had to watch it to the end. I love RRs.

    They installed that complicated junction faster then I could build an HO scale double crossover in my model RR days.
    Paul A.
    SE Texas

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      For any of you RR nuts, I have several hundred ( No I didn't ever count them) stills of the construction and installation of the siding and both end switches for the "Rail Runner" at the Isleta pueblo here in Albuquerque. A friend who is a dedicated RR nut and I spent quite a few days and nights down there and got very good relations with the guys doing the rail splicing and no problems with the crew that did the switch insertion. I don't do Utube thing so if anyone want to see some or all of the collection e-mail me and we'll see how to transfer what ever you'd like. Just looked and there is almost 300 pix and about 89 Meg worth.


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        Real old world production with the typical British narrators accent. Its nice to know just how these things are done.


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          That was very interesting.
          Thanks for posting it.
          I love old shop video's of days gone by.



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            Great find. Tough way to earn a paycheck for sure. A couple years ago I stumbled upon some old (50's - 70's) railway blueprints of switches, and such in a consignment store. Wife had a couple framed and they hang in our hall way. Pretty cool to make the connection to see how they were built too.


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              Neat laying everything out in a builders yard first

              The Massachusetts DOT has been doing similar with highway bridge replacements. Several years ago they replaced about a dozen bridges on Interstate 93 in as many weeks. They built each bridge offsite, in pieces. The spent the week doing on-site prep work for a single bridge (without blocking traffic) and then over a single weekend closed the old bridge, demolished it, and installed the new one and got it in good enough condition to carry the Monday morning commute. Quite impressive.

              Thanks for posting the video



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                not one glove in sight

                everybody looks anorexic

                I want that truck at 9:04


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                  I love old timey videos of this type of construction. Thanks for sharing. JR
                  My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group



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                    Thanks for posting that one Doc. I am always impressed at how strong some of those guys must have been, to work day after day humping iron is hard hard work... Jim