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I got good news and I got bad news

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  • I got good news and I got bad news

    bad news. My ham fisted brother in law moved my vertcal band saw and broke the trunions that allow the table to tilt. I think the used a lift truck under the table. Now I have to make some new ones. With that thought in mind I went to the junk yard to look for some 4 1/2 diameter pipe.

    Good news. Found the pipe. Cost/ 40 cents for a cut of 1 foot. There was also a barrel of rollers like from a conveyor. I got an armload for 50 cents each. There was also a skip ther from a ball bearing factory. 1 to 3 foot lengths of whatever they make bearing races out of. 1 to 2 inches in diameter 25cents a pound. Also huge stacks of electric motors for when I decide to make an RPC.

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      Well, some good came of the accident, so now you won't have to whack bro/law.


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        It's a long shot, but if you happen to have a 14" Delta vertical bandsaw I've got an extra set of trunnions.


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          LOL!!! Pete. My vertical band saw is(drum roll) a 1951 vintage 14" Delta wood/metal band saw.
          How much you want?