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  • Electrical question?

    I am working the rummage sale at the church and had a person bring in about 40 4 watt 125 volt ballasts. I could use some help in knowing what these would be used for. At on time they belonged to my brother in law, who is now deceased, and all I know is that he built control panels. Help would be appreciated.

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    Got a photo, make, model?


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      More information about the ballast. In searching the web I found out that they are probably of the magnetic type. The ballasts that we have at the sale were made by the Universal Mfg. Corp. in Paterson N.J. and are 4watt, 118 volt, 60 cycle, 125 amp.
      I would think that they would be used with some type of light but what kind I would not know. Anyway if they sell they are priced at .25 cents each.



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        Ballasts are most commonly used with arc type lamps, such as fluorescent. They provide a "lossless" current limit.

        Ballasts of unknown provenance are subject to the suspicion that they contain PCBs. In fact there are some disposal regulations for the ones that do.

        Yours are probably small, around 5 or so inches long, unlikely that they contain bad stuff. Unfortunately, the ones that do NOT are marked "No PCBs" or the like. Without the marking, they are assumed to contain bad stuff.

        So, a large number of them could be a serious liability.

        Keep eye on ball.
        Hashim Khan