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Question on electric motor

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  • Question on electric motor

    Thanks Charlie,

    I sprayed everything down with WD-40 and let it sit overnight. I then pumped everything full of new grease and manually rotated the thing a number of times.

    I'm thinking its the starter as you describe, because now I can plug it in, give it a helping hand and the mixer mixes,, I'm pretty stiff/sore to prove it.
    thanks again

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    Question on electric motor

    Howdy Gents,

    In that my electtrical knowledge ends with a reasonable shot at success in changing flashlight batteries, I have a little question that perhaps one of you guys could answer.

    I'm trying to use a cement mixer, electric powered, 1/3 HP. Its an older Montgomery Ward Mixer, that belongs to a neighbor. Its been sitting in his backyard for several years unused. It appears to have been used a little bit as the ring gear around the barrel shows where the paint has worn off, it wasn't used very much though before the neighbor acquired it.

    When I plug this thing in, the motor hums,, I quickly unplug it, so as to not have to change the batteries in this thing, but the barrel refuses to turn. It was locked up when I first brought it over to my place, but I broke things loose and now it turns freely, but seems a pretty heavy load for such a little motor. It has a belt drive presumably geared down to rotate the business end, but she won't do it.

    The motor name plate says 50hz?? I've never paid real close attention to motor nameplates before, but I always thought we were running 60 cycle on the US side of the big water. Could this be part of the problem? or just what gives here.

    Thanks in advance


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      Remove the belt and turn the motor by hand to see if the motor rotates freely. If free try plugging in the motor and see if it will run.
      If it will not start than rub across the pully with a board with the motor plugged in.( the board keeps your hand away from the motor pully) If the motor starts and runs you have a problem internally. Possibly the start switch or maybe a capacitor.
      If it is internal than you probably should get some one that knows elect motors to look at it.

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