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chucks for 12" Clausing,,,,,size???

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  • chucks for 12" Clausing,,,,,size???

    I've got my Clausing 5913 home now. It's a 12 x 36 with Hydraulic Vari Speed. I have the usual accessorys,,follower, steady, Royal collet closer, small face plate, large 10" face plate,,8" 3 jaw,,and a 10 INCH 4 jaw that must weigh 50 lbs or more. This chuck may have been an afterthought at a good deal,,but I surely can't imagine it being at 'home' on this Clausing. I will be looking for a 6" TruJust or equilvalent. I think 8" might be a bit big.
    What size chuck is 'normal' for a 12" lathe? It has the LOO spindle.
    Thanks ahead of time, you guys are like a machinist's encyclopedia at the keyboard.
    alan in ga.
    alan in ga

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    I have a pair of 13 inch Clausing Colchester lathes. 8 inch chucks came with them. Does your machine have a manual? It may be in there. My 13 inch Emco Maiers have 6 inch chucks, but can run the 8 inch.

    Your manual may have chuck weights and sizes in it. Mine did, thus the 8 inch chucks for capacity and rigidness.

    Do not forget, most chucks have a back plate that adds weight.

    Clausing also has great support free by phone as i recall (or perhaps i just get treated good because we are a school). Call them sometime, they do well with support for their older machines.



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      well I think I've got this figured out. Checked the manual [!] and found that this 60+ pound 10" chuck is the heavy duty chuck option for the 14" lathe. A 10" medium duty 30 something pound chuck is offered for the 12 and 14" lathes.
      Going to trade this one for a 6 or 8" 4 jaw. Or,,save the $$ and buy a 6" Tru Just 6 jaw maybe?
      alan in ga.
      alan in ga


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        I have a 12 x 36 Clausing, and I use a 6" bison adjustable 3 jaw, and an 8" Bison 4 jaw. They seem to be just right. Bobby


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          I put an 8" Bison adjustable 3 jaw on my 11" Sheldon and won't go back. The only disadvantage is the two piece jaws won't grip anything smaller than 1/8", but a 3" chuck can be gripped on the outside of it's body without turning the jaws around.

          The chuck and back plate Assy. are longer than the non adjustable 6" chucks that came with it. This puts the carriage a little farther out on a less worn part of the bed.

          The extra length and weight haven't caused any noticeable problems, possibly because the spindle bushings are good and tight.


          If ya wannit done your way ya gotta do it yourself.


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            My 12 x 36 lathe came with a 6" 3 jaw and a 8" 4 jaw. Pretty standard for that size lathe. As far as the type of 3 jaw, you might want to read Forrest Addy's recent article in HSM. The Adjust Tru chucks undoubtedly have their uses, however it seems questionable as to how much better their utility is in a home shop environment versus a plain 4 jaw one. And 6 jaw Adjust Tru chucks are a bit pricey, especially when you can accomplish most jobs with a 4 jaw.


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              My 5914 came with a Buck 8" 3 jaw. A nice chuck when I'm doing big work but a son of a bitch to take on and off. I like to use collets a lot so the chuck goes on and off a lot.

              I bought a Bison 5" 3 jaw chuck that I use most of the time and only bust out the heavy ass 8" when I really need it. A lot of places don't list the 5" chuck as available with an L-00 back plate, but you can get it that way if you're insistent. I got mine from a nice guy at New England Brass and Tool. He matched the Enco price and really cares about making sure you get the right chuck. I also got a 8" 4 jaw off ebay, not as bad to mount since the bodies a lot thinner.

              If you're going to take that 10" on and off a lot definitely fab up a wood way guard to put in place during chuck changes.

              Good luck-

              Paul T.


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                We have two Bison long taper mount chucks at work,both have the integral mounts.We had a chuck with a backplate setup,but the integrated mounts are more rigid IMHO.

                Personally I would go with a good 6" chuck with two piece jaws,you can get extended top jaws for gripping large od's.
                I just need one more tool,just one!