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die filer?? anybody built one??

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  • die filer?? anybody built one??

    thinking about building a die filer "attachment" for my lathe...powering a scotch-yoke type arrangement with a stub in the chuck. small table arrangement and bearing ass'y for same mtd on the cross slide (or someplace...still at the "design stage" if anybody had built anything similar...I'd like to come up with an arrangement that would hold any file rather than just the round types...

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    There has been at least one write up on a similar die filer in HSM, it is also reprinted in one of the "Projects" books.

    The casting kit by Metal Lathe Accessories could also be lathe powered. MLA also has information on modifying files to use in a die filer. Basically, since they must cut on the downstroke, they are cut to length and a stub is silver soldered to the end to fit the file holder.
    Jim H.


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      damnit...thought i'd come up with something cunning & new....


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        THE last die filer i bought at auction was $40. it makes building one pointless for me anyway.