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"Free Pantagraph" in Boston

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  • "Free Pantagraph" in Boston

    I bought a "1977 LARS GORTON P1-3 PANTOGRAPH" on Ebay. Does 2-1 to 16-1. Its the smaller size, and the footprint of the column will fit through a small door (its just over 2 feet wide). Heavy little bugger. Basically new, too -- I don't think its really seen any use at all. Beautiful machine.

    Its currently in its major pieces (everything is all there) and in Stoughton MA on a ground floor UHaul storage facility, which is pretty much where its going to stay at $110 a month. The space I was going to put it in fell through and I don't have room for it myself.

    The seller had this machine for sale for quite some time, so I don't harbor any thoughts that I'll have any more luck than he did. Evidently CNC has extinguished most interest in the manual pantagraphs. Shame; its a great heavy duty little machine that'll cut steel. My plan was to use it to outline curves I don't have the skill to mill.

    Alas, it is just a large paperweight to me now, and even worse, one which I have to pay rent on. By the time the winter is over, I'll have almost doubled the "great deal" price I got on it. On top of all of this, Gold Machinery has picked this time to unload the 10 or 15 desktop pantagraphs they have on Ebay (their larger pantagraphs have been gathering dust for months now).

    So, here's the deal. You want it? Contact me and come and get it. If you want to get it three months hence, great, just pay the three months of storage on it upfront. Pickup would have to be on a weekend, and remember -- its heavy, even in pieces. It has the 12000 spindle with multiple speeds, weighs more than the 500 pounds claimed by the seller (column itself is probably that), and is about 5' tall, 8x18 and 10x16 tables. I dont' have any real moving equipment -- you'd need your own.

    If there's no interest by about the end of the month, I'll have to start asking about machinery and scrap dealers. That'd be a real shame. Till then, though, if you're in that business, its not for you (yet).

    Interested parties please email to Enders_Epilogue at Sorry, its pretty much strictly pickup, as it is in its major pieces.

    Gah. SWMBO will never forget this one.

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    i only wished i lkived in boston.
    bob i run a pantograph group on yahoo.
    it may be worth advertising it there ..

    btw ...if you HAVE ANY COPIES/FONTS THESE ALLWAYS FETCH GOOD MONEY ON EBAY...$100 ++++plus a set.
    all the best...mark
    ps dont forget this group either

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      I understand first come-first serve..

      Have you not sold/gave it away yet? can you email me some pictures?



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        I sent you an email.


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          Worked in a jewlery factory in Kansas City when I was a kid. Don't know the model but they used Gorton pantographs to engrave stamping dies for year pins athletic metals and other stuff. Two deaf machinsits ran them. They had over 18,000 of the dies that they had made on these machines. The detail was incredable.

          I remember one had been blessed by the pope to make crucifixes for cardnals.


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            Lets see... First of all, it looks like its spoken for. If that falls through, I'll repost.

            Aboard Epsilon, I do actually have about 4 sets of the smaller letters for another machine I'm trying to sell on Ebay (it isn't moving either, but it's just an old Green Engraver so it can sit on a shelf). I hate to split things up.

            IBEW, see above.

            Allfoden, you're third on the list. There are no accessories with it, and it should do light 3D milling.

            GKMan, right you are... these are really special machines for the right application (if you have the right place to put them). I did alot of security consulting for the jewelry industry in RI, and saw some of these machines do pretty incredible things. Most jewelry manufacturing moved to NM, their manual machines going in bulk to other countries. Sad to see it happen.


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              I am pretty shot out.. I think I am getting better then another day like today..

              Probably be better to give someone else a shot. I don't think I am up to a trip right now..



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                Ok -- all done. Mr. Thomas had to put up with some last minute snafu's, but ulimately the visit was successful. He is a true gentleman.

                Thank you, everyone who expressed interest.


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                  Is that a "Mr. Show" reference?



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                    I learn something new everytime I post these days, seems like.... Nice to see that some things, including ideas, get recycled as new.

                    Nope, till you mentioned it, had no idea what "Mr Show" was. SNAFU is a quasi-geezer term which was invented (I believe) during the Vietnam/Catch 22 days. It is an acronym which basically means "Situation Normal; All Fouled Up". From the same era as "diddy wah", "most ricky tick", and "Saigon Tea".


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                      SNAFU goes back several wars, until WWII at least.
                      Jim H.