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How to anodize titanium??

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  • How to anodize titanium??

    Hello Listers,

    I have a project which requires some knowledge I currently don't have. I hope someone on this list may have had some experience in this field and can shed some light on this sub. for me.

    I have a client who needs Grade 9 titanium tubes anodized with a series of numbers on the external surface of the tube. All tubes are dia. 30mm Twall .9mm, about 1 meter lenght.

    I've seen titanium products anodized before but never small portions. I would like to know if it is possible to ask off the tube leaving only the numbers exposed and paint apply an acid solution for anodizing? Does the whole tube have to be in the bath to anodize?

    I have never anodized metal before and would appreicate any information regarding this question or anodizing titanium in general. I would like to keep the investment to a minimum as I'm not sure if I want to take on this project.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Best regards,


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    There are several manufacturers of electrochemical etching kits which use a stencil and electrolytic fluid to etch any conductive metal.

    Most tool supply houses have them. They are also available from McMaster Carr.
    Jim H.


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      Newbie on this board but have some experience with Ti. Have a look at
      Brush anodizing using trisodium phosphate as electrolyte sounds close to what you need. You may not even need to mask.
      Rgds, Lin


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        We etched titanium implants in the past....marginal at best.
        We laser everything now.
        You might want to go this route via a vendor.
        Just a suggestion.


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          It sounds like brush anodizing is what I need to look into. A quick search on the net provides lots of information on brush plating but little/nothing regarding brush anodizing. I would need a bristle type pen (I think) to apply the solution.

          Does anyone have any specific info on brush anod. like Swarf&Sparks. Like I said I have no experience in this and need some resources.

          The customer has excluded laser etching as a possibility.

          Many thanks still..




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            Swarf has it right- call up reactive metals in arizona, and ask to speak with the boss. He either sells the stuff to do it, or knows someone who has done similar stuff- Almost every jeweler in america that works with TI buys stuff from him.


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              Hi again DMC. All you have to do is solder a wire to the metal ferrule of a small paintbrush and connect one supply leg to that, the other to the work. Dip it in the electrolyte and away you go.
              Trisodium phosphate is a common cleaning agent, sold in home brew supplies as brewer's sterilizer.
              Rgds, Lin


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                Here's another link