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  • ? on "way" felts

    Am thinking about replacing the "rubber" on my asian with felt. I have some 1/8" thick F-5 felt that I use to make buffing wheels for my Dremel. My problem is that I have never seen the felts on a "real" lathe and have no idea how to go about the conversion.

    How close to the ways does the metal cover plate extend,i.e.,how much support does the felt that contacts the ways need?
    Does the cover plate "L" over the top of the felt to keep off chips or is the top of the felt left open to oil it?
    If someone has a picture, that might help me.

    Thanks in advance for anyone that can help,

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    Open top is good for manual oiling, closed top if the system has "one shot" carriage oiler which injects oil under the carriage.

    Plates extend anywhere from 1/32" on small machines to 1/16" or more.

    Make the felt about 1/16" or so too large so that there is compression against the way. It conforms quickly.

    This link has some other helpful notes on cutting and punching:


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      Thanx, Den, but not sure what you mean by "extend".

      "Plates extend anywhere from 1/32" on small machines to 1/16" or more."


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        Sorry, I meant to say clearance to the way but was thinking about the "height" of the felt and how to word that.

        Generally, the felt just mushrooms out a small amount as it conforms to the way.

        The link has some info on cutting and punching which makes it a joy (on Vee ways) rather than a PITA.