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fixing mills and hydraulics

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  • fixing mills and hydraulics

    Probably a stupid question, but trust me it won't be the last.

    Is there any company or any person in north central NJ that can help modify machinery? Reason I ask is I bought some powerfeeds for my mill and I just started back to work today. So I need someone to do the work for me. I'll have little free time and I'd rather enjoy the time working with the machine instead of on it. I also need to replace some hydraulics on another machine.

    If you know of anyone or have any input, it would be greatly appreciated. I know it's the lazy way out, but I haven't worked for over a year and now need to change the priorities a bunch.

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    anyone have a suggestion on who or what type of company to call, thanks


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      Not a stupid question at all.

      I wish I did not live 3,500 miles away.

      you might need to get on the phone and ask advice from local machine shops, one of them might have a machine mechanic who would like some side work.(ask to talk to him)(dont let any owners know)(you know shhhhhhh under the table)

      I stress side work because machine mechanic is a thankless nightmare job, if everything is running good you get nightmare jobs from the tool and die makers and when a machine goes down the owners tend to have a freakin cow.(they need it making money 24/4 right now.)

      good luck

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