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  • latest project?

    haven't seen a 'latest project' thread in while, thought i'd ask and get one started.

    really, i'm looking for interesting / crazy projects to take up. now that the missle is working (look out John S!), its opened a can of worms.

    solarpowered suntanning station?

    if its interesting, dangerous, and there is a link to plans somewhere, i'd love to hear about it.


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    A new design for a woodworkers bench. For all their mystique most patternmakers don't use patternmaker's vices, at least not in any of the shops I've worked in. Mostly we atach parts to wooden knee blocks are screw a lot of parts to a wooden bench top or work off a surface plate. I've got an idea for taking this one step further and making something suitible for case work too. Starting with an old surplus desk (the ubiquitous government type) I'm making a frame out of angle to support a top, back, and two sides suitibly flat, level, and square to each other. This will be coverd with a layer of plywood and a layer of particle board. The whole frame will be held 7" above the surface of the desk producing a storage area under the new top. The whole thing should have enough mass to plane up stock on and serve as a ready reference for holding case work square. When the top layer gets chewed up it can be easily replaced.



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      sorry Tony can't help.
      Got some projects on the stocks but can't get round to them, work keeps getting in the way

      At the moment I have two inkmixers on build, these are easy but still take time and I'm part way thru a new pencil sharpener, the MKII.
      This one will end trim and sharpen all at the same time [hopefully ]

      I went to the East Midland show today, packed out as usual and it runs for 6 full days.
      Got a stack of 3mm and 5mm carbide cutters I was short of, a couple of taps and a new set of small spring calipers 'cause I broke the screw on the old ones.

      Whilst I was there I picked up the new MKII board for the gearhobber that Brian Thompson had built for me.
      Brian is going to write this up for MEW as it's his baby but once I can get time my idea is to take the MKII board get it setup with a 40:1 dividing head and mount this on a Bridgeport and go thru the various setups to cut spur, helical and worm gears.
      This is a lot different from what Brian is doing that it may well be accepted by Neil as an article.

      John S.

      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        Latest Project? I just finished tuning my South Bend 9c lathe.
        I had a long nagging problem with the accuracy of the backplate for the 4 jaw chuck on my lathe.
        The very first problem was that the adjusting nut on the spindle of the lathe was too loose, and the spindle could move in and out by .003.
        When ever I went to face the backplate, the spindle would move, and cause waves in the face inducing wobble into the chuck. I tightened that up.
        Problem #2 was that I used a collar so I could flip around the backplate and so I could face both sides. Well the collar also had those same waves, so it only added to the problem. I had the idea of boring out the threads in the front of the Face plate so I could directly screw it on backwards all the way to the spindle, I then faced both sides, and took a less than .001 cut and measured with my dial indicator the runout.
        Put it all back together, ran the lathe, and everything is good to go now, so I am happy.

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          Not machining parts, but rather how to machine parts. I have been working on a CD that will have a "web based" type of format that tells my students how to make their projects, and gives reference sheets, information, tables, and such.

          The CD has photos and set-up info for every operation, and scans / iges / CDL of the project blue prints, and .doc and web pages of the process sheets, inspection formats, and grading criteria.

          Has been a long haul though. So far just a set of parallels, a thread post, a hammer (major type projet, seven parts), Center Punch, small vise, how to mill and grind a 1.75 x 1.75 x .75 block perpendicular and parallel to .0005, A Tap wrench ("jaws type, like the good Starrett)and references for threads (photo operations, chart references, set-up sheet), my "Math reference", CNC Codes, and how to set CNC lathe and mill offsets.

          This runs through Internet Explorer, and runs direct off the CD, not the Internet.

          Ben one year an one monh on this project, will have quite a bit done by New Years or Feb., including a small air motor.

          Hi scooter.
          CCBW, MAH


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            Project? Actually don't have one startable yet....except yet more scraping.

            I have been working on repair stuff, equipment and shop cleanup/move-around so long I almost forgot why I have the shop in the first place.

            Last project was a fix for the loose replacement bearings on the Logan model 200 (10"). I hadn't ever been able to part off and had been getting a very nasty chatter. I had asked so many questions about the bearing issue on the Logan board that I got chucked off it by Scott!

            However, that is now fixed, and I was able to part off 3/4" diameter pieces without a problem.

            Now I have the choice of getting back on scraping in the shaper, or doing something more fun.....but I have to draw up plans for the "more fun" projects first.

            One is a small opposed-4 IC engine. The other is a small version "oil field engine" similar to one written up in G.E.M. a few years back. That one may be an issue getting the hot tube to work at a scaled size.

            Keep eye on ball.
            Hashim Khan


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              Gotta admit I really need to get back onto this,

              It's my conversion of a manual Taig mill to CNC. All the mechanical work is done, all the electronics have been bought. I just need to get off my ass and away from this computer and get it done.

              John S.

              Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                A die grinder accessory (burrs, stones,etc.) holder. 3" AL threaded 2-3/4"-12 with lots of 1/8" &1/4" holes in the face with a cap. Some knurling and nice finish for looks.
                Like the wooden holders Starret punches come in. That way they are organized and I can throw the whole thing in a tool box drawer. I have already done one that has taps, tap & clearance drills, a center drill, and a countersink.
                Jon Bohlander
                My PM Blog


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                  Well i just finished re-bushing a ciment mixer for my brother in-law. I don't seem to be making much money but i am horse trading alot of things.

                  I had to make a MT4 to go into the head stock of my 3-1. You know that little lathe is still plugging away. It did take me 2-3 hours to get it all lined up. So it was a full day of other maching before i got around to it. It was a success though!


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                    In addition to all the things I've listed in the last post (none of those are finished either), I've started on a Tiny Power "Little Kathy" steam engine. I should have it done for cabin fever next year.



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                      I have three pieces of woodworking equipment,no actually four that I'm trying to rebuild.
                      Plus I really want to get started on my hit and miss engine,but right now I am bogged down between work and having to fix things here BEFORE I can get started on any of the home projects above.
                      I just need one more tool,just one!


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                        I just picked up another lathe last month, Prazi 5X12 with a Dorian quick change tool post set. Cute little thing.

                        Stuck, dirty, somewhat rusty, missing a few small things and beat on with a hammer.


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                          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Tinker2:
                          I just picked up another lathe last month, Prazi 5X12 with a Dorian quick change tool post set. Cute little thing.

                          Stuck, dirty, somewhat rusty, missing a few small things and beat on with a hammer.
                          Well,hell, that is almost as bad as child abuse.


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                            No place to host a pic at the moment but I recently made an adapter for my brother in laws TVR 2500M. It will allow us to use Mustang SVT Cobra rear brakes (11" rotors) spindle, bearing and halfshafts to then mate to the Cobra 8.8 center section we already have installed. We removed the stock Triumph straight six and installed a Ford 2.3 turbo with a T-5 tranny. The rear adapters were the toughest and I used my lathe and mill to make them. The fronts are next but will be much easier since the car had discs in front to start with.


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                              For the last 3 months, I went through 6 or 7 redesigns before I finally hit on a design that really works good, a different kind of slide mechanism for tapering on my mini lathe, I call it "easy slide" not quite done yet, few more bells and whistles...