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  • Miniature Lift Platform

    Some time back I came across an ad for a miniature lifting/positioning platform. This device was designed for machinist position of small parts/components and was basically a miniature scissors lift. The platform was something like 3 inches square and had maybe 12-16 inches of lift by turning a threaded rod.

    All of this is from memory so the dimensions are a best guess.

    Does anyone know if this item is still available and where it can be had?

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    sounds like a car scissors jack with a flat plate on top.should be fairly simple to make?
    jack from garage sale(i could send you one from new zealand if you pay the freight ) and a bit of plate from the scrappy,and Bob's your mother's brother.


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      They are known as lab jacks. I have, and use them at work. They are available in several sizes, from 3x3 square to 12x12 square, maybe even larger. The larger they get the higher they lift. To buy new, they are quite costly. You could make them, how "simple" they are to make, I'll leave that to personal descretion. Is this something like what you are inquiring about?

      They are availiable from Mc-Master-Carr also.

      Enter lab jacks in the search boxes.

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