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  • transitioning to cnc

    I've been turing dials on manual machines for a while and think it might be time to take the cnc plunge. I was thinking about getting a small cnc mill so that I could learn the commands and language at home, with the goal of being able to transfer the knowledge to a real mill someday.
    Any hints on what machines to look at or programs to buy? Any books that are a good starting point?

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    CNC Programming by Peter Smid

    Learning CNC at the Sherline website



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      I concur. Peter Smid's book on cnc programming is excellent. I often refer to it at work. I think it's available from Travers, MSC, and J&L.


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        If you have the $ to spend get the turnkey Sherline mill. All you need to add to it is some tools and a PC monitor. Add that Smid book on top of it and you can be self taught in no time because its an enjoyable little machine to work with. Let us know how you do!


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          Peter Smids book is the absolute best source on CNC programming out there. The new versions also have CD's with them with some background lesson materials, and some added resources available. I have taught CNC programming High School and Adult for eleven years now, and this is by far the best book I have used. I have three copies for myself - my "mark-up" for teaching and school use, one at the tool box, and one for the home.

          How much can you spend on a CNC Machine for the home? This ill be the variable, as well as size you desire for a "small machine".
          CCBW, MAH