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Gear-Head mill in Canada?

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  • Gear-Head mill in Canada?

    Anyone seen stores that sells these in Canada? I know KC does but thats it. I don know anybody else and KC would be my last choice anyways, they want 3000++ on it wereas WT is 1399 US

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    I have tools I don't even know I own...


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      I see you are still fixated on the geared machines. While I can't help you with your vendor search, I do have some thoughts on your quest. Consider a belt drive machine. 1 HP whether transmitted by belt, or gear, is still 1 HP. The increased power transmission, that you mistakenly think is attributable to gears, is a result of the input RPM being reduced to lower RPM by the gearing; the same thing happens with the belting. While the gearing won't slip, in the sense of a belt, the drive can still be stalled, perhaps even stripping a gear or two,(I have on too many occassions stalled a 15 HP heared lathe tripping the thermal overloads). Personnally I would rather have the belts slip, it's cheaper. Incidently, geared drives came about due to the higher torque requirements needed in the lower speed ranges that flat belts could not deliver in heavy industry.
      You make a good point about the speed changes on a geared machine. They are relatively easy to change, but if I have read the responses correctly; the geared machines you are looking are very limited in their speed ranges and selections, and it would seem that a greater range of speeds would be advantageous to a HSM. The fastest speeds changes I have seen are the variable speed drives are on belt driven machines, either through expanding/contracting sheaves, VFD's or DC drives.
      Just my 2 cents.