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Confused logic, Shaper operations

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  • Confused logic, Shaper operations

    I got a shaper cdrom in the mail (which I am yet to pay for). I have perused it and found it quite entertaining. And also discovered a flawed thinking.

    I have built a movement system for my 1900's shaper to hook to computer. It will not work. AIR motors hooked to small gearboxes that were moving the table up/dn sideways.

    Problem is it is not a milling machine. A continuous feed will not work. Since the movement of the ram, any movements while in cutting will hang the machine. SO, off will come the boxes and motors. On will go another style control.
    Perhaps a air cylinder with brake to release on the backstroke? Ratchet and repressurize on forestroke of ram.. gee, ain't life grand? When you open a door, you see another door. The more you learn the more you learn you don't know.

    Good thing all this is a hobby, right? My bank account says I will have to be doing something paying soon.

    Anybody else wake up in a brand new world today?

    David Cofer, Of:
    Tunnel Hill, North Georgia

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    You are correct when you say that continous movement will not work with a shaper.
    All feeds must be timed to happen on the return stroke of the ram only.
    If the machine feeds on the fwd stroke the cut gets progressively deeper, and will either stall the machine or break something.
    I think that a CNC device could be made to work with stepper motors attached to ratchets that operate in time to the ram stroke.
    OR... something like selonids and ratchets actuated by switches at the end of the stroke.

    John Stevenson has done some work on this, with a device to cut gears on a shaper.
    Also Art Volz over at the yahoo shaper group has worked on this as well. You should ask this question there.

    This is just another reason that these machines have fallen out of favour with industry.



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      I got it down PAT.. How about Pat? She is doing fine. HA..

      No problem, just another Logic hairpin turn to make.

      I got the fix, no outapocket, just replace the air motors with the 120volt Superior synch-steppers I got. The come up to speed nearly immediately, can stall out with no damage. Problem? well max speed is something like 1.25" per minute by calculation, but since the computer is taking care of that everything will be alright..

      I bought a 232/422 board to interlink all the machines together. Now if they start plotting against me I am in Trouble. Surrounded. Control via B1/PB16hc 422 network. Even monitoring and starting/stopping the 3ph generator system. What is really cool? I saved all the manuals from the 80s.. Never throw anything out if it ain't busted or you can fix it.

      Soon, thou I am adding another door to get to the shop maybe I can just sit and watch things go in one door and product come out the second door. Lemme think on that one.

      Give a man a junkpile and you can expect results. Most the controls I have were new in the late 80s.. Still working since it trickled down to my junkbox. YEAH, I watched John, I got a similar dealy, it can move from the bridgeport to the shaper with no change. Program can run from bridgeport P4 or Press P3, or soon the SBC on the other end of the network. Right now, one bolt of lightning can stop the whole shop thou. I need dedicated circuits.

      The old leblond lathe is the only thing working without a cpu now.

      David Cofer, Of:
      Tunnel Hill, North Georgia