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Vernon Machine Works Lathe information needed?

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  • Vernon Machine Works Lathe information needed?

    I just got a "Vernon Machine Works" Lathe and am trying to find out some information of it. What years they were made and info. on the company. I think "Sheldon" might have bought them out? It is a 15" Lathe in really good condition for it's age. I searched the net on info. and had no luck. I thought I would ask you guys.

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    I am certain that Sheldon bought Vernon or, at a minimum, acquired their designs circa 1939. I have a Vernon badged horizontal mill that is nearly identical to a later Sheldon badged mill.

    You might check with the folks at the Yahoo group SheldonLathe. There are pictures of various models of Sheldon machinery there and some member may recognize similarities between a Sheldon model and your Vernon lathe.
    Don Kinzer
    Portland, OR