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Adding new oil to a bottle jack

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  • Adding new oil to a bottle jack

    Does anyone know how to add to or refill the Hyd. fluid in a bottle jack? I have one that goes up about 2" and stops. It feels like it runs out of fluid. Can I add more? If I can, will Brake fluid work?

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    Half way up the side is a plug , remove the plug if oil does not come out tune on its side and add oil. repeat till it comes out in vertical position.



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      You ought to be able to buy some generic "hydraulic oil" at your local NAPA store or equivalent for only a couple bucks.
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        You can buy "Jack oil" at any auto parts store. They sell it by the quart.

        Paul G.

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          jstinem --

          The VAST majority of hydraulic jacks use a petroleum-based fluid. Don't even think about putting automotive brake fluid into one unless the jack itself is clearly labelled as needing brake fluid. (The last of those that I saw were 30 years, and they were old jacks then.)

          As others have said, auto parts stores sell pint or quart bottles of "Jack Oil" for a few bucks. I've used automatic transmission fluid meeting GM's "Dexron" specification (which, over the years has evolved from Dexron to Dexron II to Dexron III) in my own hydraulic jacks since the 1970's without any problems.



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            Thanks, Guys
            It looks like I was lucky that I had couldn't get the big nut off the top. I saw the plug on the side but I thought that it would be just an air vent. Does that fact that the jack needs oil indicate that are other problems with it?
            Thanks again


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              It could be a seal is bad. If your jack is always dirty and oily and unpleasant that would be it.

              Last time this happened to me I just filled up to the hole with 30 weight motor oil from my oil can. It worked fine and I got my job done. That was important because I didn't want to spend all day repairing my jack.
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