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Kmart Buys Sears

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  • Kmart Buys Sears


    Wonder how this will affect their tool offerings?


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    Like the really schlocky time travel movie that I can't remember the name of says "Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart" Don't be suprised if you see the Craftsman brand get spun off on its own along with possibly Kenmore
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      Maybe Sears' tools will become the 'Kraftsman' brand... with a big red K.
      That's an interesting link... all the other reports I've read/heard have played up how Sears will be running the show.
      - Jim


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        Report I heard on the radio was that Sears bought Kmart. I don't see how Kmart could buy anything. Didn't they file chapter 11 last year? Kmart has closed about 8 stores up in the big city (San Antonio).

        Maybe that's what Kmart had to do to flash a bank roll though.

        Just heard on the news it WAS Kmart that bought Sears.... What next?

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          Other places already sell "Craftsman" brand tools.


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            Kmart stock goes from $15 (post bankruptcy) to $101 yesterday. Smells a bit to me. I hope that what's left of Sears good name is not diluted even further.


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              Sears has a good name?
              Yeah that ought to make Sears more competitive add the "Blue Light Special"
              Take two non competitive on the way out department stores and combine them and what do you get?
              One big large non competitive department store no one is going to shop in.
              Big waste of time and money in an attempt to get back into the top. Let the layoffs begin!!!!!
              Close both stores and invest the money thats left over into something with a future.
              By the way whatever happened to Roebuck?


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                Heard Roebuck took his money and ran, because he didn't like the way things were going. That was years ago...
                David from jax

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                  I haven't set foot in a Kmart in 20 years or better,a Sears in at least two years,so no It won't affect me.
                  Plus I'm not into the Martha Stewart prison stripes collection
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness.
                    Another good quote was, "This is my BOOM stick!"
                    For some reason I really like those Evil Dead movies.


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                      Hail to the king, Baby!



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                        Heard an interview on NPR's marketplace radio program last night. The person basically said there was no way they could successfully compete with WalMart, HomeDepot and Lowes.

                        The purchasers are going to sell off realestate and assets to cash in on whatever they could get, maximizing the return for the shareholders. (Which is what the modern corporation is "supposed" to do.)

                        No thought about the thousands of employees.


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                          I have a special place for the hatred I have of Walmart. They are directly responsible for the current gutting of Rubbermaid. Rubbermaid used to be THE name in pails and containers, now most of it is made in China. All because of Walmart. This took less than ten years folks! If you want to see more of why Walmart is bad for America, try to catch the frontline special they did on Walmart the next time it reruns...

                          If Kmart/Sears were smart, they would take the high road and sell QUALITY merchandise instead of the cheap junk of walmart. It will cost more and make less, but I think its really the only option for long term survival.

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                            Sound like an ex employee?


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                              I did work in Kmart for a couple of weeks as a temp for Christmas about 15 years ago, though.

                              I'm pissed at them for selling America down the river just so they can line their own pockets.

                              Do you know why Walmart pushs the cheap crap? because it has much higher markups. An example used by frontline was Electric Razors. An American made Electric razor might have an 18-20% markup. A cheap chinese POS typically will have a 80-100% markup. They went into Walmarts whole marketing strategy. Alot of the stuff in Walmart isn't the cheapest there compared to other retailers. What they do is lure you in with the cheapest product in the line, say Microwaves, which might even be sold at a loss. but the idea is to get you looking at microwaves in their department. While the lowest price microwave in their department might be the lowest in town(and advertised as such! Making consumers think that all the microwaves are at the lowest prices in town), the middle to high priced ones probably aren't.

                              Walmart also sided with the chinese TV makers against a Thomson TV plant in a "Dumping" suit. It was fairly obvious what the Chinese manufacturers did, but rather than act properly horrified, Walmart sided with them.(BTW Thomson won the suit!)


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