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  • Z universal collets

    Anyone know of a source of Z collets? My B&S #9 spindle mill has a z collet holder and I'm thinking that if I had a few z's I wouldn't have to worry about finding BS collets. Sure is easier to change sizes with em. I once used a mill that had them and I don't remember ever touching the drawbar on that mill. Used to run the crap-o-la out of that machine. It was a smaller B'port and looked like a dog...
    I liked it.

    Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga

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    They are available from your local Universal dealer...mine charged $25.00 a piece when I checked about a year ago (compared to the $105 each that the Tree dealer wanted!!!)

    They are also known as Tree collets because of their use in the Tree 2UVR vertical mill...unfortunately when advertised as Tree collets on ebay they tend to get a little pricey.

    Ebay of course...I find that that the following search series works I tried this regime for a while and finally happened upon a super fair deal from our own Beckley23:

    universal collet*
    Double Taper
    z collet*
    Tree collet*

    the asterisk is a wildcard and will return hits on both "collet" and "collets" Be aware that the big gear head Trees use a larger zz collet. IIRC the od of the Z is 1.2" and I forget the height (It's all there at the Universal site) so you can use this to determine if the ebay collet is a z or other double taper size (sometimes the seller wont know).

    I think that's about all the z collet "secrets" I know...good luck. They seem like they would be pretty easy to make, I may attempt a set in brass someday if the need arises...