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OT: Bosch 4000 opinions?

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  • OT: Bosch 4000 opinions?

    I know some of you are also woodworkers. Any of you woodworkers ever use a Bosch 4000 benchtop tablesaw? What do you think of it?


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    If you can get away NOT using a bench top saw you'll be better off. They just don't have the power or accuracy of a stand-alone one. If you cannot afford or don't have the room for a large (read Unisaw or Large Jet tablesaw) look into the contractor size that Delta, Jet and DeWalt make. Just my $.02 Good Luck



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      Have you used one?


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        Sorry no info on the Bosch, but several years ago I was at a woodshow and Kelly Mehler I think it was used a DeWalt benchtop unit for his demo machine. I talked with him at length about the saw and he had nothing but praise for it. Well, if a benchtop unit is good enough for KM it would be good enough for me!


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          That's the type of info I've been hearing too. Benchtop tablesaws aren't what they used to be. Some of them are much, much more. Of course, some of them cost much, much more too.

          I've seen a few good things written up about the DeWalt and the Bosch. I'm trying to find out some more about the Bosch from people who don't write for magazines.


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            From the little that I remember the last time I saw this saw in the store, it seemed well made as far as benchtops go. I'm not sure if it's the Bosch or Porter Cable saw that has a rack and pinion bevel adjustment mechanism, but on most benchtop saws the bevel adjustment is very poorly designed, and will lead to inaccurate cuts. As long as it has a decent fence system, I'd say go with it. I've been happy with all the other bosch power tools that I've bought. If you search around there should be some reviews of this and other benchtop saws.

            Of course if you have the means and the space, I highly recommend a cabinet saw. My General 350 is a wonderful saw.



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              I have quite a few Bosch tools and I will go so far as to say,anything they make is good.

              I got drills,hammerdrills,routers,grinders,beltsanders,j igsaws on and on,all are good units.
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                The DeWalt is known for its rack and pinion fence adjustment mechanism. Is that what you're referring to?

                It's a neat idea and if it's kept clean I hear it works well but if it gets some sawdust in it the pinion can jump over the teeth in the rack. It's another very nice looking saw.

                You're right though. If I had the space and money I should go for a big saw. (General seems to make some really nice stuff.)


                I've only bought one piece of Bosch equipment and it's fantastic compared to its predecessor. That's why I'm leaning towards the Bosch tablesaw.

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                  Dan, actually I was reffering to the tilting mechanism. The trunnions on benchtop saws are usually very flimsy, so it pays to look closely at this. IIRC a lot of the bench top saws use a simple wingnut to lock the blade at 90 or any other angle. This can vibrate loose its a real pain to set up the saw accurately. You could compare this to the difference between a round column mini mill and a dovetail knee mill.
                  Most of the fence mechanisms on benchtop saws seem to lock at the front and the back. Be very careful to get a well made system, because a poorly made fence will lock down out of parallel to the blade. The last time I saw the dewalt saw, I wasn't too impressed with the fence. It was a good idea, but it didn't look like it was manufactured to close enough tolerances.


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                    I've looked at the Bosch and read a couple of good reviews on it but chose the DeWalt.I've had it for about 3 yrs now and use it for my job site saw.I've rebuilt the motor once---we've used it that much.I feel the rack and pinion fence is the best in this price range---it always locks tight and has never skipped a tooth.Easy to adjust also.The tilt lever and lock is fast and user friendly too.There are a lot of cheesy benchtop saws out there but this one works.Sure it has a plastic housing,but this is a $500 saw,not a $2200 Powermatic.Keep in mind that a good blade is part of the equation also.Spring for a Forrest Woodworker II for about $100 and I think you'll be quite satisfied.


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                      The wife's Christmas present was an expensive one so that left me wide open with the leverage to get a good tablesaw.

                      The General International 50-185 M1 swept the review in the Fine Woodworking/Fine Homebuilding 2005 Tools Guide magazine. All the guys at the local woodworking emporium keep telling me that's the one they recommend (unless I want to go all out for a cabinet saw).

                      Thanks for all the input. The Bosch 4000 probably would have taken care of most of my needs but the General will be a tablesaw to last a lifetime. It's only $200 more for a 300# contractor style tablesaw with a TEFC 2hp induction motor. Everything about it looks really nice and solid. Lots of cast iron. Even the miter gauge is heavy, runs tight in its slot, and has adjustable tension for the slot. Sweet!

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