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A Riveting Dilemma

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  • A Riveting Dilemma

    Ok should be quite simple... but so far it's a pain. I use a rivet gun quite a bit. The one I've used for the last 20yr finely gave out handle snapped in two. So I go on a hunt to find a replacement should've been simple. Picked up a new Arrow with a pivoting head. Back to shop... wont work the dang head was flexing would not apply enough force the snap the steel mandrel of a 3/16" rivet. Take it back.. over to K-ear's to get a Kraftsman " Heavy Duty ". Well I did 6 rivets and I hear a odd snap on the 7th and it jams. Pull the tip off and one of the jaws broke.. so back it'll go. Now I'm wondering if I've got into a lot of funky rivets. I mean the old tool (which I'll fix back up... I plan on milling a tongue and cross pinning a replacement handle) ok sure fatigue can explain that... but first one don't work and second break in less then 5 minutes... come on. Any ideas of a good manual rivet gun... just in case my repair goes south.

    Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.

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    I have an old (20 yr+) Marson Klik Fast HP-2 pop rivet gun. It handles 4 sizes, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, and 3/16. The body is an aluminum casting, with nicely machined components. It's a good strong unit, but it too requires a strong pull for a 3/16 steel rivet.


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      Look in McMaster Carr,they have several,but they are in the $50-80 range.

      Some of the import air rivet guns are good too.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Granger---They also sell spare parts for their rivet guns.
        Bob Scott


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          when you sat "rivet gun" are you talking about a hand tool for setting pop rivets, or an air powered rivet setter?
          Cause if you are talking about the hand models that look like a big pair of pliers, then I agree, Marson is the way to go. They have em at Grainger, MSC, McMaster Carr, and most big industrial fastener suppliers. I have 2 that have lasted over 20 years. Cherry is the other industrial brand that holds up well.
          If you are talking air powered- well air tools can range from 10 bucks to 500 for the "same" tool. You want reliability, parts availabilty, and simple things like real steel, heat treating, and seals that dont leak, you gotta go with the pricier american names- marson again, or Ingersoll, or Sioux, or Chicago Pneumatic. I think Cleco might sell air riveters too. Check out UStools for rivets, guns and supplies-


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            It was just a hand unit made by Creative Engineering in Taunton, MA. solid cast aluminum well made... and from what I've seen available well worth taking the time to fix. But I think I'll also look at one of the big manual jobs for up to 1/4" rivets I figure that should at least handle 3/16" steel. As for the air rivet setter... they are nice but I need to use it in odd places might be along the highway one day or a top a building the next... so not really practical. Well just got a load of steel delivered... so I guess I'll stack it and rack it then head back to Sears with the heavy duty hunk of junk and then head up to Granger and see what type of Tia/Chi stuff they're offering these days. Funny years back most of these industrial houses did not carry much import stuff... now your lucky to find a domestic tool. Of course not all Tia/Chi tools are junk.. and not all US tools are top notch but it's damn hard to fine a tool stamped Made in the USA these days. We are turning into a Third World Production Country and it's gonna bite us in the azz for sure. Like I said I got to move my steel... have not look at close but I bet it not domestic.. at least the last load was North American.. Canadian Steel. Sorry about the ranting... just burns my butt that our greatest export seems to be jobs.

            Later Tim
            Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.