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  • OT: job interview

    I had a job interview this morning. One of the question(s) I was prepared to ask was "is this a new position or are you filling a vacancy". If the latter, how long was the previous employee in that position? If less than 5 years, how many people have held that position in that time.

    Well, I never got a chance to ask or needed to. Turns out they have a large job in Canada and expected the employees to stay onsite to completion. The guy quit after 5 weeks. I thought that flying home every other weekend was standard with all companies, except the military. Needless to say, I stopped the interview and left.

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    Sounds like you have been spoiled by some nice situations. In my experience, nothing is "standard" in all companies except they always want more for less.

    Paul A.
    Paul A.
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    You will find that it has discrete steps.


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      more and more companies are expecting that, don't settle for it, there are plenty of companies that are hiring that will take good care of their workers.

      I interviewed for a company recently for what was advertised as a desk job and told to expect a 4+ week business trip on occasion. Sorry, I have a life and it's not the company life.