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    I am thinking about buying a grizzly lathe. My question is... the demensions say its a 12x36 between centers. Does the 36inche demension take into account the chucks at either end? I need a lathe with at least 34 inches.



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    The between centers dimension is between a headstock center and a tailstock center. A chuck could subtract upwards of 3" to 4" or so from this IF you are after the "exposed" length to work on. By your login I'm assuming you're turning wooden sticks? If so, you could use a wood lathe spur or screw center in the headstock and pick up most of the 36 inches.

    added - another issue to consider is where your tooling sits ... will you be able to reach the right hand end of the job? Do you need to drill the right hand end (while supporting the right end with a steady rest)?

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      I am not a machinist, by far, so I am a bit lost on the last paragraph.

      Yes, turning wood that has metal in it. I would use the item that holds the tool post. Wouldnt use the actual tool post for the primary function that I want the lathe for since I am going to attach a lamanit router to it and let the feed bar take it down the length of the cue.

      The actual work surface shouldnt be more than 34 inches in almost every circumstance. Usually closer to 30.

      So just trying to make sure my chucks at either end dont eat into that 36 inches


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        I think I get the last paragraph after re reading it.

        For drilling purposes I would chuck up on the end and put colletts on the cue to keep it from wobbling on the back end.

        Perfect set up would be another chuck on the back side of the lathe.


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          Even if the distance from chuck to center is 36 inches, if your gonna turn a 34 inch peice is good to have a slightly bigger lathe. If you wanted to turn a peice 7 1/2 inch long and 5 1/2 diamiter i would suggest gettin a 6" x 8" lathe


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            If I understood your last post correctly and that you can fit the stick into the spindle so that only a short distance protrudes for drilling (facing, forming, etc.) then you should be fine.

            Gotta watch those specs, they bite sometimes Swing of a lathe is over the ways. The 7" x 10" lathes only swing 4-1/2" over the carriage. Even the 9" x 20" only swings 5-1/4" over the carriage and 1-7/8" over the compound, should that be necessary for a taper or other odd cut.


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              That is what I thought. Just trying to make sure. Thanks for your help.

              Also now looking at an Enco for the same price but with a Baldor motor.



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                You may also want to look at the spndle bore diameter.
                I think those chinese 7x10's only have a bore of 19mm.
                3/4". If you are going to run the cues through the chuck
                on the Headstock you may not have enough room ?

                Larry S
                Larry Swearingen
                Fort Wayne, IN
                New Hoosier


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                  all the spindle bores are near 1.5 inches which is what i need. Its the 2nd thing i looked for.

                  Good catch!!