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Wiring up a 6 way reversing switch

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  • Wiring up a 6 way reversing switch

    Anyone have any links to schematics for a 6 way reversing switch? It's a standard rotary job. I'm hooking up a 220v motor to my lathe. It has reversing capabilities but I sort of thought that was for permanently changing rotation. I guess I'm gonna have to run a bunch of wires to the switch... It also has a mag starter on it. I'm gonna go take a close look at everything now. Hope I don't let the smoke out

    Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga

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    I scoped it out. My motor has:

    P1 ]- line 1

    blu ]
    T1 ]- ins
    red ]

    P2 ---ins

    orange ]
    black ]- ins
    white ]

    yellow ]- line 2
    To reverse swap red and black

    Are "line 1 and line 2" my hot wires and do I ground to the case of the motor? The drum switch has 5 to 6 connected in both for and reverse so I guess I just need to run one hot leg through that one and wire the red and black so they switch from one bundle of wires to the other.

    I'm drawing it out on paper...
    So Am I on the right track? Hope my questions are clear...

    Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga


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      First step is connect as per motor diag. for the desired voltage.
      Next separate the red and black from their group. For one direction they will connect as they were and for the other direction they will swap places.
      P1 and P2 are from mag. contactor.

      For reversing I use a double pole double throw switch. Jumper the dpdt sw. from corner to corner diagonally. Connect the red and black to the two center terminals ( one each). Connect one of the two remaining pairs to one corner terminal and the remaining pair to the terminal next to that.

      In any case the motor will have to be at rest before it will reverse.


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        While you are drawing out, research the past motor diagrams (posts here) and decipher that into your drawings.

        THIS way you will fully understand the switch and the relationship it has with the circuits inside the motor.

        The 3 position double pole switch is how I reversed my old HF mill/drill/lathe when the rotary switch bit the dust. Good job laying that out in simple terms there Jim. Basically they swap two wires in relationship to the coil/capacitor inside the motor.

        As with anything I recomend checking-double checking "before" you power up. After 30 years I do. I found a file laying across the bus coming out of a hydro power plant. Now that would have been a uhh-ohh-sh#@



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          If your switch and motor are the standard fare, it should work like this diagram:

          Usually a single phase motor has one wire to power that doesn't change("to motor"), a group of wires ("other") connected together with one of the wires that gets swapped for reversing (arbitrarily labeled "wire A"), and the other swapped wire run to power (arbitrarily labeled "wire B")

          Hope this helps

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