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Heat Treating and the art of crayons

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  • Heat Treating and the art of crayons

    Anyone interested in heat treating crayons, lacs (it is like nail polish), or pellets that indicate temperture by melting at the temperture indicated on the container can get them from ( ). They sell a whole pile of stuff, thermocouples, meters, relays, heaters, you name it. Books too! Their complete catalog is 5 cd's.

    If you purchase from them you should tell them you heard about it here so maybe Neil can sell more advertising space and the mag gets more article space as a result.

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    Imagine a big muckle lad like you contenplating buying crayons I looked up the site all the books are too complicated not a coloring or dot to dot book in site Heee Heee
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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      Omega is good people (or used to be). We used to make our own thermocouples for temperature survey of heat treat furnaces. For you racer types Omega catalogs used to give enough information to make cylinder head temp readings.


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        I found the Omega catalogs (about 40 pounds worth)to be an education in themselves with lots of application info, however delivery was always sort of slow and prices about average.
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          Omega has a very large selection, but one caveat-they don't make nuthin' just relabel and resell it. If you find something they have that you need lots of, shop around.

          For small quantities, it's a nice one-stop shopping source. And all the comments about their catalogs apply as well...


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            I only mentioned the crayons after a gent had emailed me and asked where to get them. I never thought of it at that moment, but you definately can get them from Omega. And I do agree about the products being available elsewhere if you look. They are still cheaper then KBC or Travers in Canada!