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Great news regarding thrud

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  • Great news regarding thrud

    Dave wrote to me tonight seems he has been taken off some of his meds and has had remarkable improvements to his health already.
    I don't want to speak too soon but God willing he will /may be back with us soon if there are no relapses.
    He says he is taking it easy, but feels remarkable already.
    Better than for almost the last year when he was sufferring so badly with numerous serious ailments .
    So fingers crossed and please keep the lad in your prayers I do frequently.He's been a great friend to me and I am sure most here.Kindest regards Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Thanks for the up-date and we will certainly be thinking of him.


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      Thankee for the news, Alistair. I appreciate your keeping us informed on Thrud's condition and will pray that he continues to improve. Interesting that going off meds seems to be helping. Interesting, but not surprising.


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        Yes...It is good news! Dave emailed me today also. Starting to sound like his old self again...even sent a funny!
        I have tools I don't even know I own...


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          For anyone not on Thrud's distribution list:

          Just to let you guys know I was almost dead - Drug Zorcor was killing me - have been taking it since 1999. Doctors could not figure out what was cause the massive immune response in my kidney biopsy. I had nearly ever side effect know to that drug and the specialist could not figure it out. Good thing I am not an idiot or I would be dead in month. I quit the drug a few days ago and the seizures and fainting have stopped, the blood burst on the skin have gone away, the joint pain is gone, and the muscle aches are better. I will be resting up for a couple weeks and then I intend to hit the board again once I can think clearly again. I thank you all for your support and concern in the past months - you are truly Brothers & Sisters in my heart, mind, & soul and I thank you all.

          Peace & grace my Brothers & Sisters

          some sick humor for you - how fast can you whack the sack?

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            Best attempt 468 mph.



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              only 454 mph


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                That IS good news. Good on ya Thrud.


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                  I'll bet his ailments can be traced back to a dose of meatloaf.


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                    Great news.

                    Paul A.
                    Paul A.

                    Make it fit.
                    You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!


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                      Still missing you THRUD!!


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                        I got a 503 but more important,

                        GLAD to hear the Thrud's improvement!

                        Godspeed to your health, wealth and I know God has taken care of your wisdom!


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                          753, but I am not proud of it.
                          See ya soon Thrud.


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                            Zocor or simvastatin almost did me in also. I was on it for almost ten years and got weak and sore. Still have some weakness, but about 80% came back.

                            This is meant as a 'heads up' to all zocor users. Watch your health and don't be afraid to stop it for a couple weeks to see what happens.

                            In my case, the doc's INSISTED I restart it, but I stood my ground and refused. I have heard many people mention it.

                            This is NOT to say that it is a bad medicine, just for most, it is a great medicine, but when you start getting 'weak/sore' then it just might be the zocor. It has and will KILL if you ignore the symptoms.

                            I also had 'chest pains' that did NOT respond to nitro's. That was a 'funny' side effect that is denied by the medical community. Funnn?? It went away immediately (2-3 days) when I stopped zocor.

                            Just a heads up for you all.

                            Zocor/simvastatin free since Dec 1, 2002

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                              For the record 1345MPH
                              But I have a Logitech laser mouse...and an AMD.

                              I was shaking, almost fainting, passing out, hallucinating, getting red blood blisters all over my body including my eye lids and arsehole (Ow! quit wiping so hard, ya bastard! ), I could not sit in front of my compute for more than 15 minutes without breaking out in those damn blood blister - and they hurt like a bad burn. My Kidneys were in full immune reponse mode and effeciency was down to 268 from 108 of two years ago (not good - means I might have to have dialysis if it gets worse).

                              Well, that's 3 drugs that have tried to kill me now. (Phen-Fen, Metformin, Zorcor)