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OT: record keeping & backup

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  • OT: record keeping & backup

    As part of my year end cleaning and organizing kick I'm turning an eye to the paperwork, and electronic files.

    How long do you guys keep your personal and business records?

    What is a good strategy to achieve electronic files that I want to keep? I can burn cd's, is that the easiest way to go?

    How about off-site storage of "valuable" information. With the advent of fire resistant/proof personal safes that can be bolted or welded down in your house. Is the bank safe deposit box really necessary anymore? Do you have off-site storage of any records?

    Finally, I need to establish some sort of reliable back-up process for my pc. I've been living on the edge far too long, and one of these days it's going to bite me in the rear.

    I have an older dell which has a zip drive and a cdrw drive. I also think it has a second hd in there somewhere as well. In addition this machine has zero usb ports available. I'm running win xp pro.

    Knowing how lazy I am with this computer stuff, I don't relish a back-up process that has me swapping disks every-time I do a back-up. Is there a way to set-up a back-up process that runs automatically each night unattended? Maybe I could back up to a second hd? Is backing up to a hd considered reliable?

    On the other hand, it might be desirable to have a back-up copy of the data somewhere where fire could not destroy it...

    Any input on these subjects would be appreciated.


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    I use Peachtree accounting, then backup the data files on CD, then email myself the same data files on a web based account, so I can pick it up from another computer if I want to. My data is not sensitive, so I don't care if some body hacks it from a web mail account.