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  • RAMBO MILL and JET 10x20 LATHE

    Hi Guy's
    Found locally.
    RAMBO mill 9x42 step pulley with power feed.
    Guy has with it.
    Rotary convertor
    Rotary table 6"
    vise 6"
    Some misc tools
    Machine has been reconditioned recently
    All ways and screws are in very good shape.
    Asking $3,500
    What do you think???????
    Also has JET 10x20 lathe
    With some tooling.
    Again bed looks in good shape.
    Do not know age but I'm sure it is not new type color is not white.
    Does have geared head stock and quick change gears built like a heavy 10". Looks like a 2 1/2" threaded spindle, is that possible?
    asking $800.00
    What you think?????????
    I am kind of slanted to the above because it is local to me so it will save in moving but I have not heard of a rambo mill and am not familar wuth the jet lathe series.
    The mill look just like a bridgeport.
    Give me your opinions
    Thanks guy's

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    What brand of Rotary table and vise? I have not seen a Rambo mill, but 3,500 seems high unless the goodies are extra special and the machine is in great shape. The convertor is a good thing.

    The lathe could have a 2-1/2"x8 if it is it should have a MT#4 or 5 center. If it is a #5 using 5C collets is a simple matter of making or buying an adapter sleeve and closing tube. If it is is good shape and has a chuck or more it does not sound too bad, But start them up and see if they make rude sounds first. Make sure all the controls work freely, etc. Jet makes pretty good stuff for the price.

    You could try a search on or for these machines.

    Let us know what happens - good hunting!



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      I agree with Thrud. Have not heard of Rambo mill, but it most likely is import. Who how and what was reconditioned? Ask for receipts. Reconditioning an import is not good sense economically. Cheaper to throw away and buy new.
      With tooling, price is high side of acceptable range. If you are looking for an import, you can buy a new Jet or Grizzly for that instead of a "reconditioned" no name.
      The lathe may not be too bad a price depending on condition and accessories. It should have a chuck or two and some tooling. That 20" dimension is very limiting. With a 10" lathe, 36" is much more useable.
      Jim H.