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  • A site for IBEW

    With all that drinking you do Dave.
    here's a site to practice your co-ordination skills on.

    all the best...mark

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    Poor old Ibew hey gets the brunt of the jokes just cause he gets thirsty
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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      Too funny! The web site that is, not ibew's liquid consumption habits. By the way, I found that I do better on this game if I have had a few beers. So does that mean that drinking + more drinking makes better co-ordiantion? aka - 2 worngs makin' a right.. or is that wright? awww.. give me another beer and I'll figure it out later.

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      Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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        This is another thought!

        Paul in NE Ohio
        Paul in NE Ohio


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          Old fellow I worked with said the human body is like a piece of wood,so long as you keep it wet,it never rots
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Up here in Canada we are the best beer drinkers around. Usually dont do any posts until Ive had a load of beer and then late at night.


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              Funny thing, My brain never slowes down. Somethings my fingers/feet/hands know by habit seem not to be affected. People wanting to take advantage of me several different times at parties learned a cruel lesson.

              My mental judgement does suffer with the consumption of alcohol.

              I type as fast right before I pass out as I do sober. I just don't care about the spelling or punctuation. When I used to hang out in the biker rooms in Paltalk (chat) I passed out several times on cam. Once the phone kept ringing, they thought I was dead. I was .. dead drunk.

              Then that dreaded tequlia worm in the bottle of Metzcal gave to me by a Mex friend. It was about two inches long or more.. I lifted it up on cam, put it into my mouth and swallowed, little was I aware of the hairs on the worm, they swallow down good oneway, like a chicken bone hung in my craw, wouldn't come up, wouldn't go down.. I chugged the rest of the bottle of metzcal trying to get it down. I liked to vomited on cam.. Not a good memory.

              We all live and learn, or just live.. your choice, arrogance is the blinding thing not letting you take advantage of your experiences or teachings.

              David ,He He..(got my christmas bottle right here) I know when to quit, know better to get behind the wheel ever while drinking.
              Please you be as thoughtful, I'd hate to lose any of you.

              Game won't load in MOzilla browser, darn it.


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                Ha Ha. After gettin up 4 times, I walked 38m. Maybe I'll try again after midnignt.