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    This is my first post on this site. I am looking for a mill to do some gun work for myself.Also to make things that I can use in my shooting sport.Grizzly has one I like, the rpm is 255-1800 someone told me this was a bit fast to tap with & for milling stainless. I do not want anything large and it will only be used for my projects.The mill-drill combos do not seem like they would as good as a small knee mill. Thanks for any help Glenn

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    Hi Glen, Welcome
    Why are you tapping on the mill with it running?


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      For starters you could try the search function here. There's probably hours of reading for you in there. This question gets asked a lot and there are a lot of savvy people here who have spent a lot of time answering it. I use the search function a lot myself. Welcome and good luck!
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        RobDee I tap on the mill with it running daily. Alot of people seem to be scared of this but it is perfectly fine if you pay attention to what you are doing. I dont even get out the tapmattic unless I have more than ten holes, if the material is tough or it is a shallow blind hole I will still start it with the machine running and then finish by hand.


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          I tap holes all the time on my Bridgeport
          (with it running). Just use low range.

          It powers a 3/8" tap through a 1" piece of
          steel in seconds. Why would anyone want to
          tap by hand?

          I used to have a cheap import mill, it did
          not have low range so I couldn't tap holes
          with it.

          That's one of the many reasons I upgraded to
          a BP mill.


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            Take a look at a square columb Lathemaster,

            You can search many forums for information on mill, mill/drills, square and round columb.

            It is a very active area with strong feelings always instigated by newbies seeking help, so be prepaired and wear your thickest skin.

            I have posted several times about my gearhead ZAY7045G and I power tap at 70 rpm almost always from 1/4" up using gun or spiral taps and I make many pieces and parts
            relating to guns, gun products and reloading.

            Good hunting


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              LOL, no wonder people talk about breaking taps. I have yet to break one, but again, I never powered tap either.


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                BillH the last tap I broke was a 0-80 in 303 stainless and I was hand tapping. But hell what do I know I only tap a few thousand holes a year.


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                  Guys, note the RPM range in the question. 255 rpm is going to be way too fast to tap with. Are you looking at a bench or other small knee mill or the full size bridgeport knockoffs?


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                    Forget Lathe Master, all there machines are OUT OF STOCK. Uncrichie...


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                      The lack of a really low speed can be solved, if the machine has a 3-phase motor, by getting a variable-frequency drive (VFD) to run the 3-phase motor.

                      I'd say your intuition about knee mill vs. mill/drill is correct. My personal preference for a new small knee mill would be the Jet JVM-836, but the Grizzly mills are cheaper and a lot of people seem to like them okay.

                      Another option, if you have the space, is a used Bridgeport or similar.
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