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    OT, but maybe of interest to some of us. I played with the digicam some more, and experimented with 'fast as possible' image viewing. On my camera, and probably most anyone else's, the download is triggered by inserting the usb cable. Then the software loads up, downloads the images, and creates an html file. I can configure the software to automatically display the images in small size, which gives me the option to see a bunch of pictures, including the last picture, about a minute later, without pushing any keys on the keyboard. Then I can pull the cable out of the camera, which resumes in record mode, if that's where I was when I inserted the usb cable. So far, only medium good.
    What I want to do is leave the usb cable plugged into the camera, then be able to take a picture, have it downloaded immediately and displayed in all it's glory as a full resolution picture, or in some user selectable size for this 'previewing'.(a full screen size, 800x600 in my case). What I could do is open up the usb cable to find the 5 v wire and insert a switch into it to use as a 'download now' button, so I don't have to remove the plug from the camera each time I wanted to download and examine a picture just taken. That I believe is workable, only requiring me to hack the usb cable to find the correct wire to splice a switch into, and assuming that I can get control of the camera that way. Any digital camera hackers here? Would this work?
    Next, the slow and poorly configurable software. I don't want the software to waste time configuring an html library, or to make a separate file with smaller pictures, or to read through the entire index each time I want to download just one more image. I just want it to store this last image in one folder, which it does, but I don't want it to waste time doing all this other stuff. Then I want to automatically see on the computer screen the last image recorded to the folder.
    That image would stay until it's replaced by the next 'latest' image.
    I'm toying with the idea of having a laptop set up with the camera, then displaying a full screen sized version of the last picture taken in as short a time lapse as possible. What I would like is to be able to take a pic, wait a few seconds, then see it on screen, where it would remain until I take the next shot. A flick of the switch on the modified usb cable would then instigate the download of that picture, which would automatically display, without the rest of 'special' features of the library, or the waste of time creating all the extra I don't want. I need a plain jane software that is able to download from my camera, a Casio QV-R40, and perform just this basic function.
    I've got the 'time to view' down to about a minute by erasing all pictures from the camera memory, and starting with that. Still, I have to endure the creation of a library, the html file, and the startup of a browser, just to see in the end the whole enchilada, when all I want is the one latest picture to evaluate in as close to real time as I can get.
    Not having had any other digital, I don't know whether the software with this one is ****ty or not, but it seems to me that there must be something better, more user controllable or configurable out there, that would work with my camera, and do what I want. Am I dreaming, or is what I want to do achievable?
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    All this can be acomplished with software. There are all sorts of freeware programs to do this. Just try searching on webcam software on Google.
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      I have a cannon powershot A-70 and tryed to do the same thing but mine has a switch for shooting and playback and I cant do both at once so it not possible on my camra.

      my step sons camera will plug in to my computer and see it as a usb mass storage device running windows xp and its an olympus.

      my cam does have a port and cable that plugs right into my tv.

      I have a 128 meg compact flash so if I cant get a good picture then I suck, i know the small lcd camera screens dont show you if the picture is realy good or not.

      If you find some software that works let me know.

      good luck.

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        The old Canon camera I had, if it hung up the software inside the camera it had to be sent back for a reset.

        I have triggered both the shutter and the flash on the new USB nikon 4300 thou. Tinkering with a usb device trying to figure it out. I thought the nikon was off.

        I suggest getting the software that came with the camera and looking it over real good.



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          You might get an answer here,you'll have to register to post a question.Someone has probably already done what you want to do.