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Meet My Supervisor: Pete Puma

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    When he steps out take a screen shot, save what he was working on and set the new screen shot as wallpaper, will look the same but he won't be able to get anything to "function". Used to be you could get the old macs to go "Bleagh!" when ejecting the disk.



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      Put a small amount of Never-Seize on the ear piece of his phone. The longer he talks on the phone the better, messy stuff. Dont get caught.


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        On the line of never seize on the phone, we once had a true "jack###" as a night foreman, and his little buddy who thought he was the "real foreman". They both ran rampant about the department telling us what to do (13 of us on the night shift in that department). They also usually contradicted each other, and never took responsibility for doing so.

        we endured....but alas, the whole heard of "jack###'s" grew to9 include other department foreman, and their little buddies. Four departments in the end (lathes, mills, drills, and grinders) had their little foremans and assistants meetings in a room, they would drink coffee and have donuts and BS for about 1 1/2 hours with a little hotel "Do not disturb" sign on the door - like we could not see what was going on, the walls were glass????? In the end, they loved to contradict and fire at will, and lorded it all over us. I just kept my head down and worked pretty much alone for about one year, for nobody knew my job at that time, not even the supers.

        Morale was at severe lows. Several people started taking notes, as i did, but there was one thing to be done to get the head boiled over....I did not take part in this one, but it was a piece of "art"...

        During the supervisors and assistant brownies meetings, several on the shift went to all the department phones (they wre black phones), and put PRUSSIAN BLUE on the receivers and mouth pieces. Mixed a little dykem in with it for good measure. The meeting ended, and what should happen, about four of the "line" people were nowhere to be found, and alas, the phones started ringing off the hook. Two phones in each department. Seems they were in other "closed" departments making the calls asking for people pretending to be wives, brothers, and such......We were not allowed personal calls, so the phone calls would not be forwarded......

        Line people knew by then to stay away from the phones, and the foremen and assistants commenced to answering phones. Blue ears and mouths, nobody said a word, this lasted for about 45 minutes, and then one saw the other......All the "line" people were fired that night.....

        Well, you do not fire about 60 to 80 people on the spot without the day shift mgmt noticing a bit of a slowdown, thus we "line people' were all called into a private meeting with the company President two days later - he flew in from the midwest. On night of the best tool and die makers and machine runners in the company, and the crop of new trainees being gone caused quite a dent in just 20 hours of missed shifts (you had to be good to get nights in our place, for nights meant you could work alone without supervision, and the people with time like me were used to train the newbies without th stress of production)

        Bottom line, mamagement was shaken up quite severely on nights, a new structure was in place, and we basically ran ourselves but for a main overseerer and some 'leadmen" in the departments. We got "fined" that two nights and 3/4 of missed work, but this was not a big loss all said and done......

        As for the "Blue ears" we commenced to calling them, they were moved to the "inspection department".
        CCBW, MAH