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Where to put shop compressor?

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  • Where to put shop compressor?

    I'm installing a small air compressor (110V, 30 gal tank) for light duty shop air. Very limited floor space and noise indicate to place it outside the workspace. I'm in Montana (9 degrees F. yesterday) and I'm thinking of putting it in the unheated overhead/attic area. The colder it is the lower the humidity (naturally) and I can plumb a drain from below.
    Good idea? Stupid? Put oustide on the ground? Any thoughts appreciated.

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    Mine is outside under the eave overhang (vertical 7.5hp).

    If it gets really cold there I'd vote against that.

    It never is enough air. I could use a screw type compressor here I think.



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      If it's feasable then the overhead might be a good idea. A pressure vesal prone to moisture accumulation and freezing tempurtures makes me nervous. If it does go outside be sure to keep an eye on water acumulation.


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        In my last shop My compressor was in my attic. It worked fine except when I had to work on it it sucked, It was also very noisy, In my new shop when it is done it will have its own room. I live in montana also. Cold temps were never a problem for me.


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          I was thinking of putting my shop generator and compressor in the same building. The generator is not a backup unit, it's for additional power.

          I have a 6hp compressor with a big tank and also a 100 gallon air bottle. I don't want the noise of either unit being right next to my work area, so a small building seems to be the answer.



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            Just a brainstorming idea.
            For a small compressor like that, you could build a simple little doghouse for it with a hinged lid and side for easy access. If you insulated it with 6 or 8 inches all the way around (including underneath) it still wouldn't cost that much and a light bulb or heat bulb might be enough to keep the box warm all winter. Even if you tried to seal it pretty tight, there would likely be enough leaks for intake air to get in, but you could either run a vent directly to the intake from the outdoors or just cut a vent hole to indoors to keep it from choking.


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              My dad had a rarely used back door on his garage, when he decided to heat the garage he got a small house furnace and built an enclosure outside the door attached to the garage, he also put his vertical compressor in there. Now you just shut the door and most of the noise is gone.


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                Mine is in an unheated shed for more tan 20 years. Itis an Ingersoll Rand 10 hp cast iron head. I never had problem with this instasllation. I change oil every years (10 grade compressor oil. I also drain the water in summer. It often goes down below -40f. here in winter.


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                  I have a 3hp horizontal tank. I bought a plastic storage unit, about 6'long x4x4. (Suncast is the brand, fwiw.) It protects the unit, keeps the noise outside, and lets me keep a light on in the winter. (It starts hard when cold.)

                  Ed Bryant


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                    I would go for the dog house,jst add a light bulb for heat.When its running it will make it's own heat.Plus I can't stand the noise the small pumps make.Sounds like a 200lb ingraving tool
                    I just need one more tool,just one!