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Waaay Off Topic-Severe Pain in Tailbone Area during Pregnancy?

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  • Waaay Off Topic-Severe Pain in Tailbone Area during Pregnancy?

    OK, first let me clear a few things up. First thing, no I am not the first pregnant man you have met! And second, this is not my way of saying being pregnant is a pain in the ass :-)

    The situation is this, my younger sister is pregnant with her second child. Her first pregnancy went 100% trouble-free, she didn't even look pregnant till about the last month. She is in her early twenties, in perfect health, and several months into what looks like it's going to be a healthy pregnancy. But she is facing a slight bit of a problem with this pregnancy-at least slight for me since I don't have to feel it :-) For perhaps the last week or so the area right around her tailbone has been aching severely. She is not what you would call a whiner, she didn't really complain even about her last delivery. But she is now complaining severely about this tailbone thing, she said she feels like somebody has kicked her several times as hard as they possibly could. She has tried laying on her back, both sides, and her stomach. She is also tried sitting upright and leaning to each side, none of these positions seem to give her any relief whatsoever. She has talked to the doctor(obstetrician?), who has said that this is because she is carrying the baby low and it is pressing on some nerves. Apparently this is a rather common thing during pregnancy, although this doctor did not offer any solutions.

    My question is this, have any of you had any wives, girlfriends, or daughters that have had this problem? have you heard of any tricks they've done to reduce the pain? Does this pass after a month or two, or is she looking forward to several months of this up until delivery?

    Thanks in advance

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    Yup...yer right, this is waaayyyy OT, but I asked my wife...she had this problem, REALLY bad! She says the only way she got rid of the pain was to have the kid! Something about the water breaking takes the pressure off the tailbone. I don't remember this's been nearly thirty years but it sure must have impressed her...she remembered right away! Wish her luck!
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      It has been nearly as long for my wife also. Ed, tell your sister to try lying on her side (especially when trying to sleep) with one or even two pillows placed between her legs at about the knee. My wife tells me that this takes some of the pressure off the lower back.

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        little can be done to help a pregnant woman (the doctor will say"you are pregnant")

        as long as they know what causes it.

        best wishes for her


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          I ain't being baited into stepping into this puddle.

          best wishes from our household.



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            This is nothing compared to the pain one feels when these little bast.. uh ..darlings become teenagers.


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              No kidding Al.
              The pain does not end with childbirth for sure.

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                Hi Ed,

                I have no knowledge about this whatsoever, but you might look at:

                Seems a pregnant girl has a 25% chance of having pain in this area. "Cures"? - painkillers, hot water bottles. - no magic bullets as far as I could find. Buy her a milling machine, take her mind off it...

                Best wishes to her-,

                All of the gear, no idea...


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                  My wife got some relief by lying on her side while I massaged he back HARD right at the cocyx. She had the problem for a while and then it went away. Came back again during labor.
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                    And the pain does not end with the kid leaving home as they go out and have some pups and then bring them home to live with you. The wife and I were alone 13 years than the daughter lost her job and had to come home to live with 3 teenagers. Dam! I want my house back.
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                      I thank you guys for your replies, do I get the award for most off topic post of the year? I'm certainly in the top five

                      Unfortunately, I have checked with some other women I know around here, and most of them say the same thing. Apparently there is very little you can do to ease the pain, from what the one lady tells me it is likely to get worse. She said it is called sciatica, which is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve, and as the baby grows and puts more pressure on it she will probably start getting severe shooting pains down into her legs. Says you kind of get used to it after several months well, hopefully she remembers this before she has a third kid!



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                        I have enjoyed finding this BBs recently.

                        I am contemplating purchasing Smithy granite 3 in 1 and liked all the info.

                        As for the pain in the tail bone, my wife suggested to find a Chiropractor for help. Find one that will work with expectant mothers.

                        My wife had a hip problem with one child and the Chiropractor was a great!! help

                        May God bless her with a healthy baby!

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                          My wife had sciatic pain while pregnant which was relieved when she saw a massage therapist.
                          She suggests a licensed massage therapist who specialzes in pregnancy. Luckily ours is a neighbor.



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                            My wife worked OB as a nurse for many years and I asked her about this. She says the only thing she knows is to try different positions and that eventually the baby will move and the pain can go away instantly. Until the baby moves, it looks like the pain is here to stay. Possible massage and manipulation of the baby may help. My wife does recall one lady who had to be hospitalized and given Demerol to control the pain, then one day the baby moved, the pain went away, and the lady got out of bed and was ready to go home.