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Why is Kubota so tight-lipped?

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  • Why is Kubota so tight-lipped?

    I've been searching the web for info on the Z400 diesel and a wiring diagram but info is sparse to say the least (G3200). I did see one site that indicates Kubota does not allow it's dealers to sell parts via the internet. Whut up wit dat?

    There's no way to even look up maintenance items like filters. You'd think that the market would be chomping at the bit to have parts sent to their door. I can't even find manuals!

    Is this some kind of National Security requirement that you have to show your face in a dealership?

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    Kubota is getting to be something else. I picked up an oil filter for my L2900 at the dealer. Got home, changed oil and couldn't get the lower side panel on the engine compartment...oil filter too long. Dealer says that is the one. I had to go to Kmart with the old filter and kept opening boxes till I found one that fit. Turned out to be a Ford aerostar V6 filter.



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      They want you to go to one of thier dealers,thats how they can get $900 for a two cylinder camshaft.

      Now,there is also the problem of all the grey market units running around.They are trying to stamp them out asap,try getting parts for one of PITA.

      Lucky for you I am good friends with the dealer here in town,tell me what you need exactly and I will see what I can find.

      Oh,incedently,Kubota like New Holland(Ford),Massey,Case,Duetz/Allis etc,etc all are part of Agrico corp.The new farm equipment cartel.

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        Screw up!

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        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Maybe you could ask your question at Yesterday's Tractor forum and see if anyone will help you there.


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            What Wierdscience said - it's the gray tractor market. The legitimate dealers believe their business is affected by the gray market and try to keep a tight control on parts and accessories. I've been looking into buying a small tractor and have been looking at the various brands. I like Kubota but don't like their prices and believe in many respects I would be better off buying a gray market tractor.


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              Please excuse my ignorance, but what is a gray market tractor?


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                Tractors that are essentially knockoffs of well known, more expensive tractors.

                Northern Tool sells some called Nortrac.


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                  Some of the gray market tractors are brand name, Japanese, Taiwanese, or Korean models which have been purchased in those countries after putting in a few years' work on small farms. Some of them get a complete rebuild either overseas or in the US and are then sold by "private" dealers. Iseki is one such - a Japanese small farm tractor. My brother-in-law has an Iseki and it's pretty impressive. It has a two-cylinder diesel engine, four-wheel drive, complete hydraulic system and is a real workhorse. Since he gardens a small plot about 1/2 acre each year, bushogs the property firelanes, and has a long gravel driveway it's the perfect machine for his needs.


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                    actually, grey market tractors are used tractors or not officially imported new tractors from japan. the japanese home market has a dozen tractor companies, and they all make little tractors, since the farms are so small there. some companies were importing these tractors into the US, and they were undecutting the official list price by 2/3rds. most did not have the latest US safety features, and may have rice paddy type tires, but at 2/3 off, who cared. Kubota won a lawsuit to stop this, and now you get to pay through the nose again. there is no reason but greed for the high prices for these tractors.


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                      Was there a Mr. Kubota? If so anyone know his first name? Kubby just doesn't do it.

                      The 9n Ford answers to Henry. Rmmm, rmmmm.


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                        Interesting discussion...

                        A does Kubota attempting to protect its marketshare from undercutting by the gray market differ from attempts from companies like John Deere and Case/IH doing the same?

                        It would seem to me that if you want to play the game, you have to pay the price. If the market would not support the prices that Kubota charges, their prices would either drop or they would go out of business. For them to be able to continue to sell tractors that are highly sought after, the value to price paid ratio seems to be good and the general public seems to agree.

                        FYI...I have a number of John Deere tractors and while I just choke when I have to pay some of their prices, I still feel that I am getting very good value for my money.



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                          One tough FOREIGN tractor.

                          DO they make a USA produced equivilant? I doubt it. Mikey has one I think he tugged a small bulldozer out of a mire with. Someone was on the dozer idling in gear. At least I heard that story. He expands them sometimes, thou I love him anyways.
                          He was here in the drizzle rain putting metal on my roof. He sure didn't have to elaborate on that.



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                            Hummm....lets see,Yanmmar made small tractors for John Deere for a number of years,you cannot buy parts from Yanmmar for these tractors,nor does JD what to sell the parts,they want them gone.
                            Same with Ford,Shinto and Mitsubitshi.

                            In the end they were all absorbed by AGRICO.

                            As far as dependability,its hard to beat a 70's model Ford in the 30-60hp range,them are bullet proof,got two to prove it,parts are cheap by comparison to Kubbota.

                            I do like one feature on the little rice rockets,they have a four speed pto,that makes them good for running all sorts of things.Before the market changed and the prices went up,you could get a brandnew Kubota diesil engine,3cylinder diesil in the crate will all accesories for$1200,now that engine is around$4500
                            I just need one more tool,just one!


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                              When I was tractor shopping the JD was a Yanmar, the IH was Mitsubishi, the Ford was Shinobura and the Kuubota was Kubota. I figured I should stay with a company who makes their own product.