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Mist, Flood, Drip, Squirt, or Spray (or spit)

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  • Mist, Flood, Drip, Squirt, or Spray (or spit)

    What your preferred method of cooling your endmill or cutter and why?

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    It depends on what I am milling as some stuff clogs the flutes of the cutters less when machined dry and some stuff I give a squirt of WD-40 from time to time.


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      Acid brush and a Spillmaster container. I'm in my garage so flood and mist are out of the question because of the mess. With squirt cans I apply too much and the cutting oil gets wasted. The plastic dispenser bottles with a tiny hole in a long nose do work well.

      On my saw I rigged up a drip system with copper tubing, a valve, and some black pipe as a reservoir.

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        I have flood cooling on the manual mill and mist cooling on the CNC. I really like the mist because the compressed are blows the chips away from the cut and it makes less of a mess than my flood system. I believe I can run higher feedrates with the flood but I don't think it's worth the mess. My next project will be to build my own mister for the manual mill. On the lathe I use coolant from a plastic squeeze bottle, or WD-40 on alum. I'd probably prefer mist here as well, but I'd have to keep the compressed air away from the chuck and ways.


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          I have built a heavy flood system to machine aluminum. Not used it yet. The chips are one reason I think I am not getting a mirror finish. The lil chips go round and round, round and round.. cutting grooves all the way.

          Going to flush them like a toilet bowl swirl.



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            I generally use cutting oil+brush on the lathe, and mist coolant on the milling machine.

            N.b. on the mist coolant, it shouldn't be messy. There should be little or no visible mist. The cooling comes from the airstream that is cooled by the mist evaporating into the air. If you put your finger in the airstream and slowly turn on the mist, the airstream will suddenly get cold when the evaporation starts happening. (This is as per Bijur Lubricating Corp.)
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              I use mist coolant. It keeps the part cold, as to hot, when using oil and a brush. It is not messy. The air blows the chips away. Really helps when using a cut-off tool. Chips do not jam up the blade.


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                I use a spray mist bottle and use water soluble coolant. It works great on milling cutters and also my lathe when I use my part off tool,


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                  At work, I mostly work with aluminum and plastics. We have a small 3 axis mill that had a factory installed mist system. I added a ten gallon flood system to the mill recently. When milling and deep pocketing in aluminum, I use the flood system to, as others have indicated to flush chips out and away. I use the mist system when drilling as not to create a big mess with stringy chips whipping around in coolant. When I am milling plastics, I shut off the coolant supply at the mixing valve and crank up the air pressure to blow clear the work area. When milling deep pockets in plastics I will use the flood system to help dissipate the heat and wash out chips.
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                    Pressurized* spray mist for end mills and one shot lube sprayer for taps. The one shot sprayer ejects one "splat" of undiluted tap fluid per activation cycle.

                    *as opposed to the more common (cheaper) suction sytems that tend to clog and lead to newfound curse words on occasion.