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  • surface grinder

    Is there anyone out there who has plans on how to build one or knows where I can locate plans on how to build one. And how do I comunicate with other people about different projects Snagletooth

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    This site :
    has plans for a surface grinder. You might want to make some modifications to it to bring it into the 21st Century (such as not locating one of the crank handles on the back of the machine), but it looks to be a relatively easy to make design.

    As for communicating with them, you can post your e-mail address and ask that they drop you a note. [edited to fix link]

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      Thanks,Tuckerfan, what I got is a large old table with another table fasten to it that is on a dove tail slide vertically to the large table. What I need is help on making the spindle. How to set up the bearings and all to make it run smooth and not to hot. I had this problem while making a tool post grinder. snagletooth