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Heads up,twistlok plugs cheap

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  • Heads up,twistlok plugs cheap

    Went down to Lowes today and bought some new shoplighting.Also noticed they had three~ twistlok cord plugs and receptacles.
    I got a 14-20 plug for $11.06 and a 14-20 receptacle for $13.07,plus they had 30 amp for a little more,even American made.This beats the normal $20+ out of the catalogs.

    Also picked up a set of Klien wire strippers,USA,and probibly the best set I have ever used.

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    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    Lowes: I picked up another 500' of 14ga. thhn stranded wire for $20.. Not sure why it is cheap at the moment. I gave $35 back in the summer for the same type wire.

    Good for 15 amps by the way.. Up to 600 volt insulation..

    I used more than 500' the last time I tore into my milling machine. And that was not a major refit, just some additional controls.


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      Good deal,got to check that out,I go through 500' or better of 14,18ga every so often myself.

      They also got a heavy Hitachi 4-1/2 side grinder for $89.00,good thing its Christmas
      I just need one more tool,just one!