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OT Chinese mine accident

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  • OT Chinese mine accident,2933,139786,00.html

    Read the last paragraph to learn what they do to make sure you get your mill drill

    I'm not making any kind of judgement. I buy chicom stuff too...

    Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga

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    Well at least they cremate them. Here in North Georgia we just stack them up like cordwood.

    (MARSH crematory) Cost the taxpayers Millions and He might serve the maximum of 12 that is "twelve years" if he does at all.

    According to sources developing subdivisions in that county he "hid" his money and resources knowing the end was drawing near. The disaster is still developing.. BUT the guys with the deer rifles were discouraged from saving taxpayers money.

    THE people overseas have heard more about this than the people here in North georgia, due to suppressed press.


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      They said on TV tonight that seven thousand people die every year in mining accidents in China thats inceredible but there we go.The Chinese are trying to build their economy too fast and skimming corners just like it used to be here.The result is people are expendable easily paid off.Hopefully things will change.Alistair
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        Things will change,just like they did in Poland,when the shipyard workers went on strike.They struck for the same reasons,better conditions,more wages and personal freedom.

        The time is right for change in China,but the people have a different mind set,they may well accept this as part of life.For what I see they are not nearly as safty minded as we are here.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Sounds like a Chinese fire drill.


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            This sounds like the U.S. mining industry before WWII. A lot of miners died getting the coal and iron to make those old U. S. machines we love so much.


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              OSHA I think got thier start in the coal mines, to hear my family talk they were really bad before WW2. Niosh I am pretty sure did also.

              Were you aware our negociated agreement from My local union (IBEW 175) states clearly that they will maintain and uphold OSHA standards of saftey in the job place?

              Pretty big load to bear, but look how few union electricians get killed on the jobs.

              Most the osha standards are crap in the way they interpert them. I had some drop cords on my truck with phasing color tape on them to mark them as "my truck" they got the company a fine. Electrical tape on a drop cord. How to fix them and compete with overseas where when you lose a hand you get your last check and nothing else? And they dump chemical waste in ditches behind the plant.. Someday we will have to foot the bill to clean up Mexico.

              I have been on jobs where nonunion people got killed, the unions took up money for them, the company didn't even give them a ride home. (Cartersville Ga Steel mill was the last) A Indian man fell to his death. They immediatly cordoned off all the open pits on the job with rope, caution tape and signs warning about everything.

              It is not all good, there does need to be a adequate hearing to teach osha inspectors how to interpert the volumes of text to a real workplace.

              I quit one job at a nuclear plant. THEY TOLD me to work under a 260 ton suspended by crane heat exchanger. I looked up at the bridge crane in the ceiling on a railroad track, looked at the suspended load the crane operator could not see, I quit. Why should I risk my life to make a deadline? I got unemployment after I quit that job by the way. You have the right to quit if you are afraid for your saftey or life and have justifyable cause. The Anxiety was just too much for me.
              Probably the Chinese do not have that, work or go without eating. When your kids come tell you they are hungry you "will do something".

              David Cofer, Of:
              Tunnel Hill, North Georgia


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                Quality of some of their metal could be better, they should work harder!


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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by BillH:
                  Quality of some of their metal could be better, they should work harder!</font>
                  Problem is some foundrys burn coal straight,all the crap including the udesirables like sulpher and zinc.That's where the crappy castings come from.The better stuff comes from foundrys burning coke,which is coal with the light elemets removed,leaving carbon only.

                  I just need one more tool,just one!